Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I can tell this week is gonna be a doozy. Its Monday and I'm all ready writing down rambles for the week.

Remember those little heart palpitations I have had? Well, it seems they are just the beginning of trying to figure out a mess of symptoms: Off kilter labs, a "little fluid" around the heart and lungs. You know, just a couple of things. Hello, fear and anxiety. Hello frustration, anger, and plain 'ol sadness. I don't even know what else to say about this.

Why is it your child's glasses break one week before the appt with the eye dr.?
And how is it that I cannot for the life of me remember if I got those glasses from Costco or the eye place at the dr.'s office?
I chose to go to Costco and see if that was the golden ticket for fixing Brenna's glasses.
Could someone please explain the mystery of why everyone and their grandmother is at Costco 
at 5:15 p.m. On a Monday?
It's not the best place to be right after your child has finished with swim practice and there are TEN people ahead of you, your child is starving and is somehow falling asleep while standing up and her head is on your arm. It's a good thing to bag the fixing the glasses idea and go straight home.
All I can say is thank goodness for E-6000.
It looks much better than tape.

The glue holds for about twelve hours until your child has to actually wear the glasses. Then you find yourself living inside the book, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie".
For, you see, when you glue your child's glasses back together, they will be crooked. The child will not be happy with them and will tell you on the way to school. In which case, there is nothing you can do other than say, "Oh. Sorry. Wear them if you can," wish them a good day at school and watch them stuff their glasses into their backpack as they walk up to the school doors. Once you do that, they will call you and leave you a message on your phone that sounds like this:
"Hi, Mom. My glasses broke again. Someone put them in an envelope for me. I just thought you should know."

washi tape from happytape.com

Once they do that, they will give you the glasses (in the envelope) when you pick them up from school. You, then, being the resourceful mom that you are, will haul out your soldering iron. You will attempt
to solder the little, microscopice piece of a hinge into place. Once you do THAT, you realize that the heat from the soldering iron has melted the cheap-ass glue that holds the hinge into place on the eye piece. Once that happens, you decide to try and glue and solder one more time, and proceed to get just a wee bit frustrated.
Well. Once that happens you think duct tape on your (did I mention disabled) child's glasses won't look so bad. Especially if you cover it with Washi Tape. So you haul out the ES 6000 again, shove the small piece back into the lens part of the frame and wait for that to dry. Then you go to the garage  and get the duct tape and hope to heaven that no one will see it under the Washi Tape-beCAUSE, have I mentioned you spend your child's life helping her to look "typical" and this whole ordeal has you wondering if it's about you or your child. By then you are wishing you had an entire package of gluten free cookies. BeCAUSE if you did, you would eat the whole box.
W.H.Y. Did I tell my sister to not bring me the box of gluten free animal cookies she found at Whole Foods. 
To top it off you take awful pictures with your iPhone because your beloved SLR won't hold a battery charge. Is it o.k. to use the word "beloved" in conjunction with a camera?

Somehow it is Wednesday, and I will begin chapter 2 of my version of the Mouse and Cookie book. 
Brenna and I woke up late today and I threw together an egg burrito for her to eat in the car on the way to school. It's a painting day for me, so I left the house in my painting clothes, no makeup and my hair flat on one side of my head, slippers. You get the picture.

An antique children's book and a duck named Waddles. He made me smile.

About 30 seconds into our drive, Brenna spits out her burrito and declares it inedible. I realize I have a choice of a. making her eat her lunch I packed for breakfast, b. tell her too bad, so sad or, c. stop at the grocery store and get a bagel for her. 
I really do like multiple choices, but none of these were my favorite. Not seeing an option d., I ran into the grocery store. Have you ever noticed how many women are put together at 7:30 in the morning? I was feeling pretty good about having brushed my teeth, but I really, honestly did not think I would be getting out of the car. Ah, well. At least the day started a little bit better because I did not step in dog barf like I did yesterday at 7 a.m.

I didn't mention that ? Huh. I guess I was just so grateful I had on my slippers and that Miss Party decided to empty the contents of her delicate stomach on my kitchen floor and not the carpet that it slipped my mind.
Such a good dog.

maybe not smart to put a painting of mine under the paragraph I just wrote, but it's a do-over kinda day. Have I mentioned I love gesso?

Today? Wow. Thursday all ready? My. Time flies when you are having fun.
 Today I read this from Jesus Calling:

"Instead of trying to fight your fears, concentrate on trusting Me."

It gave me a few thoughts. Do I fight my fears? Isn't that what we are supposed to do? Maybe I do more of the wrangling with them and telling myself to not be silly, just get it done. Ah. That sounds about right.
Trust, huh?
As in I have no control over some things and I have to/ it would be really good to trust?
As in walk away and pretend it's not there kind of trust? mmmm, more than likely the above.

So, today I choose trust. I choose prayer, even if it comes in the form of, "REALLY?"
Because after that usually follows, "Thank You."
I choose to smell the flowers that are blooming and be nice to myself. If I can find my Sharpie I might just write "trust" on my hand.

I choose to be oh, so grateful that it's going to be Friday tomorrow. I choose to be grateful because really? Today could have been a whole heck of a lot worse.
Now, it's time for bed. What a glorious time. My pillow is calling me.

Let's celebrate Friday, shall we? I have a doctor's appointment, but shoot. What else is new right now? I have all ready stepped in dog barf, ran in circles, taped glasses and struggled with fear. 
By the time I post this, I will have found my Sharpie and written trust on my hand.
How about you?

Friday edit:
sharpies are my friend..


  1. OH, you have had quite the week, Lynn...if you lived closer I'd take you to my favorite gluten free bakery (the cookies are to die for)and we would do some damage! I have been having to use that trust thing a lot lately, too...sending prayers, my friend XOXO

  2. you need a holiday!

  3. YIKES! After Romeo and I read this post, he ran. Fast. Away. Hopefully this isn't anything contagious ;) I'm sorry to hear that you are having a heck of a time with health issues. And then your mind....I mean really how could it possibly be intact after a week like that?!? Ah well see there? You still have it and are sane enough to write this post! That in itself speaks volumes!! You're a trooper and you have more trust than you might think. Just an observation looking in.... Now let me go pull Romeo out from under the bed ;) I hope your weekend is better!


    "her" and Romeo

  4. Wait. You brush your teeth before taking Brenna to school?
    You must be one of those realllly put together and "with it" moms.

    Just kinda-sorta kidding about that. I admit to having been guilty of bedhead, slippers, and coffee breath on a few school mornings. I just slapped on a pair of sunglasses and convinced myself that nobody noticed.

    I'm only trying to get a smile out of you because I know the test "tested" your fear and anxiety. I know that because my own heart did the little flip when I read it. By now, it's over. My prayer is that you will have good news for us and that the trust on your hand made it all the way to trust in your head... by way of the heart.

    I love your rambles. I mean I really, really love them.

  5. First of all, I love Washi tape and would happily wear it on my glasses :) Second of all, I hope everything goes well with those tests!!! Lastly, keep that sense of humor....it's the best!!!

  6. Oh my goodness Sista!! Fluid around your heart and lungs??? Yikes.. praying for you!!
    You know.. your " Friday Ramblings" will most likely one day be in a devotional journal to give testimony of how you DID trust the Lord and how your encouragement to others created a "snowball effect of trust & bracery" through this little blogging community! YOU my friend, never cease to amaze me! He never allows us to go through more than we can handle.. and He keeps telling me it's for His eternal purposes. (what I go through that is!) Thank you for sharing Lynn!!!

    and.. I TOTALLY use "beloved" in conjunction with my camera!!!

  7. Sounds like you had one heck of a week. What a wonderful word "TRUST". So hard sometimes to let go and trust. I do hope all is well with you my friend.

    Bug Hugs~

  8. Love your easy way of writing and relating your week. I'm tired just reading it. ;-) Don't you just love Jesus Calling? Always speaks right to my heart. Your art is lovely by the way. I look a fright on painting days too. It's bad.

  9. perspective... yours is amazing! Seriously, you know that these ramblings of yours are some of my favorite posts of all time. Tell Brenna that Hannah has smooshed silver eraser tops from yellow #2's on the sides of her glasses because that just made those expensive designer glasses even more fabulous!I will be keeping you in my prayers... breathe and trust. Over here, I just had biopsy's done on thyroid nodules, I need trust tatoo'd on my hand, looking for the sharp :) breathe and trust.
    Today is Tuesday, I can't wait to see what has you rambling this week, and btw you have me beat, I am lucky to throw my hair in a pony before taking Hannah to school. Lucky for me she likes to get there earlier than anyone else so no chance anyone seeing me... or maybe that's her strategy!
    Have a fabulous week Lynn! love, t.xoxox

  10. I really like to make a cup of tea and sit and read all the saved up posts... it is like sitting and having a visit... and have to say your week has been a doozy... and I too had a painting clothes moment if it makes you feel better.... One day in 12 years I haven't changed out of painting clothes and put on make up to pick up Phantom from her very posh school is the one day that they head of students comes down to chat to mother's in the in the pick up line about changes to the timetable for autumn term... the one day this perfect and immaculate woman comes knocking on the car window I have a smear of paint in my bird's nest hair and was still wearing the painting apron... unbelievable... hope the glasses are sorted... and that you are doing ok... those tests sound a touch worrying... xx