Thursday, April 4, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I have a small confession.
I talk to myself.
Not that that in itself is so strange, but I find myself talking to myself and how it would sound on the blog.
Is that reason for concern?

Easter is over and so is the Lent season.
In giving up fear and anxiety, I can't say I will be going back to them in a regular fashion.
Over indulgence in the two after Easter was not on my schedule, and I realize that they are around for ever. 
Like bread. Like coffee, like sugar.
 How will I deal with them?

I think being intentional on giving thanks right now is how I'm changing my mindset. Looking for those moments. Looking for beauty. Actively seeking for these things. Longing for them, really.

free motion sewing

I am in countdown mode until the RED DIRT ART SHOW!
I'm pretty pleased at how I am getting art time in the studio between having Brenna home for Spring Break, doctor appts., and her glasses catastrophe. (Which, by the way is ongoing. She STILL doesn't have glasses as she cannot see out of the new ones. Add to that having to see a specialist and hers is out of town, her next appt. isn't until April 10..)
I'm at the tail end of all my appointments for the great fluid and palpitations mystery. 
In the mean time...

Somehow, in getting ready for the show, I got sidetracked one day. Not sure how that happened. 
  The fault lies with this this awesome book by Jenny Doh, on lettering. Do you have this book? If you don't, you kinda need it. 
Like, a lot.
 Right now, it's on Amazon for $6.90!!!
(cheaper than shoes...)

Anyway, I came across some fun demonstrated by Pam Garrison, that I completely fell in love with. So, I gave it a whirl.
It all begins with a fun background of random things and lots of color. Well, I love lots of color, so I didn't leave any white space.

Watercolor crayons, Copic marker and black pen.

I totally lost sense of time and it was a great, meditative thing to do.
It was actually a nice break from producing to sell. 
O.K. It was just fun.

When you are satisfied with your background, add lettering. This is where I got maybe a tiny bit frustrated.

finished piece.

So, another one was started.

not a finished piece and I don't know if it ever will be.

When it was time for the lettering, I didn't gage it real well.... It's supposed to say "live with handS wide open."
I had room for "live with hand wide open."
Tiny bit frustrated again, but at least I know what it means.

So, I started another one.
Is this getting a little repetitive?

love the colors on this one.

It's a good thing to do while watching American Idol.
Which I do. Faithfully.
With Brenna.
And my sister, via text.

Since this is a ramble, I'm switching subjects.
Do you have allergies?
I am allergic to everything except for cockroaches.
I was a little worried about that one.

We have these blooming madly by our house. They (I think) are young eucalyptus trees.
I can pretty much feel my head beginning to constrict when we walk past them.
Along with walking past blooming Jasmine, trees, orange blossoms, you name it. It is stunning and gorgeous right now. The air is gentle, the temperature is sweet, and the colors are bright and new.
I love it, despite the vice in my head.

Ready for this?
I doubt it.
We went out for yogurt the other night and the place we went to had a plethora of candy for sale, like this:

mmm-mmm. salt n' vinegar crickets, as opposed to the spicy variety.

I bet crickets are in the cock roach family, so they are probably safe for me to eat.

One of my best friends texted me the other day after Easter. She was missing her girls something fierce. My daughter was leaving that morning as well. Back to her life that is full and wonderful, but lived without me. Why IS that? Oh, right. It's supposed to be like that.

I thought shoes would make me feel better, like it did last week.
It did for a minute, but they didn't fit and the price wasn't right. Which is a pity.
So I left them on the shelf and texted my child several times. It wasn't as good as new shoes, but it helped.

In the mean time, I'm off to another Dr. appointment. Rheumatology this time. 

I'm thankful for doctors that are good at what they do.
I'm thankful for my husband's support at the visits.
I'm thankful for people who care for Brenna and love on her while I'm away.
I'm thankful for the weekend,
and always, always thankful for art.


  1. I love the way you ended this one even more than usual for some reason.

    I think the lettering looks wonderful and I will confess that I'm glad you told me what the second one was supposed to say because I was staring and squinting like a Brenna in bad glasses trying to figure it out.

    And I'm sorry you are allergic to eucalyptus because wouldn't it be beautiful brought indoors?

  2. Loved this entire post 'cause I'm a rambler too and especially loved the ending! Going to order that book right now. Thanks!

  3. I love how you're always experimenting with new things in your art.
    On talking to one's self: we all do it. I'm thankful for hands-free wireless technology---now people who see me talking to myself while driving might thing I've a blue tooth in my ear ;)
    On allergies: I am allergic to cockroaches too, lol, and nearly everything else. I'm not allergic to dogs, but the husband hates them, so we are content with our goldfish.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I had to smile when I saw that you left the "S" off hands. You wouldn't believe how many times I have done something similar. My husband is the one who always catches my mistakes. Drives me crazy.. I always enjoy your Friday rambles.
    And your Art looks fabulous my friend. Love all the color on those backgrounds.

    I do hope your enjoying your weekend.


  5. Your life is full of comings and goings... creating.... learning how to change your way of thinking about things! I applaud your exuberance that includes a bit of wistfulness. Allergies... I heard that this year will be especially tough due to the drier summer and fall we had. Oh, I hope you don't suffer too much! So not fun!

  6. aw I love this post and how you ramble on and bounce from subject to subject:) I LOVE the artwork you created!! i follow Pam Garrison on IG and I like her blog so much I put it on my blogroll [you're there too;)]I just love that you lettered right over it. PERFECT. I watch American Idol as well. Its my one TV vice. Well I actually catch up online the day after. I just love Kree and Candice.

  7. I enjoyed following your ramblings! The whole look of your blog is so colorful and happy-love it.

  8. you know that i love your ramblings... and this one is no exception! The brave canvas is awesome and so true. I hope Brenna's glasses get worked out soon, that has to be frustrating. I will say that i wish I was as free with my painting as you are, it seems so effortless for you! Love the lettering on top of all the bright background! Have a fabulous week! love, t.xoxo
    p.s. maybe take your dr. some of the crickets on your next visit and ask if maybe that could be associated with your medical issues... just for kicks!!!
    oh and i LOVE your freestitching too!!!