Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Friday, Hooray!!
It's a surprise day....I didn't forget!

 I'm in production mode for my next show. It's May 19th, down on Balboa Island
I'm maybe just a tiny bit excited. 
I know this because I woke up this morning with the thought of turquoise and book pages in my head. I think all my dreams were washed in turquoise.
I might be just a tad nervous as well, if I really begin thinking about the show. This thing is b.i.g.
Thank goodness for my sweet friend, Erin!!! She is giving me a lot of good advice. 

I feel like I'm in production mode almost all day every day this week. It's been a doozy with cat scans, blood work, and swim practice for Miss B. 

my fashion statements this week have been all over the map. From cute

to the newest in hospital wear. watch for it on the next project runway. I'm pretty sure it will show up.

I am happy to report that I am squeaky clean. I have been thoroughly checked out and the fluid around the heart is "just one of those things and not enough to get excited about." Same with the heart palpitations. No wonder my father always said it's hell getting old.

Miss Party has had it with the cupboard locks. Now she has moved on to the cupboard with all the plastic wear and opens that and pulls out what she pleases and leaves it all over the floor. 

(No. I have not forgotten about the surprise. You have to keep reading, otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise.)

I finished the windowpane painted in chalkboard paint. I put primer on it first and it seems to be staying just fine. I'm going to have fun writing on it!

My eldest is graduating COLLEGE in one week. HOW does that happen? I seriously think there has been a secret time warp somewhere and the clocks have all been moved and no one told me. She is going nuts getting all the classes over with and studying for finals. Then, poof! Done. Finito. Four years are over. It's quite the transition. 

It's o.k. to cry like a baby at college graduations, right????

I have to give a little shout out to GoldenStateArt. While I was sitting in radiology on Tuesday, I ordered a bunch of supplies, one of them being pre-cut mat boards.
 It's Thursday while I'm writing this and my UPS guy just delivered my order!!! Is that fast, great service or what?

I recall I said on my last post that there might be a surprise today.
(I told you we would get to it!)
I like surprises. I think we all need some.
I came to the other day and discovered I have written over 500 posts!
That's a lot of sharing and talking and listening and getting to know people.

It's a really good reason to celebrate. That said, let's have a
 GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!
woo hooo!!
(throw confetti and toot horns.)

Because I don't want to just have a little fun, I thought I'd have 
Super fun!

Here's what I'm giving away:

Vintage book page, altered with acrylic paint and ink, and matted.

Vintage book with seam binding and a little bitty 2x2 painting.

Set of six notecards.

A dog. 
Oh, wait. Sorry. I tried that before and it didn't go over very well. I could throw in the plastic wear, but that's o.k.-I'll hold off until next time.

Here's how you enter:
1. Leave me a comment on today's ramble.
2. Become a follower of the blog and let me know on this post.
3. Like me on Face Book and leave me a comment here that you did.
4. Share about the give away on your blog, and let me know that you did.

Each one that you do, I'll tally up the grand total and Brenna will help me pick a WINNER
by Monday. Comments will be closed Sunday night, 9:00 p.m. pacific standard time.

wow, does that sound official or what?

Let the fun begin!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ...confetti tossed and horn tooting to commence after I enter your fabulous giveaway! I would love, love, love to win any one of those prizes! Even the plasticware :) I'm so happy that you got a clean bill of health! More confetti throwing over here! Congratulations to your daughter, and yes it is o.k. to cry at college graduations. Nobody stopped me from boohooing all over the place when John graduated.
    Please throw my name in the hat! love, t.xoxox

  2. ...I would follow you anywhere, even on your next dumpster diving expedition. p.s. I have a new beautiful sharpie tatoo of the word believe with a heart on the inside of my finger. following your fashion sense as well. :)

  3. I am now a follower on your FB page, how did I miss the boat until now? that's just crazy.

  4. I love the notecards. Love even more that your scans are clear!
    Already a follower ;-)
    Take care! And yes you can cry at your baby's graduation!

  5. posted! Thanks again for the chances to win! love, t.xoxox

  6. How did our girls grow up to be...ADULTS?!?! Loving the pictures (and that includes Miss Party)!

  7. And my baby graduates from college in two weeks! No more checks for college tuitions... that has all passed us by. On that note, I am shouting "woohooooo!!" More money to play with! LOL I'm so happy that all your health concerns have been wiped away. No one needs that on their mind! And your giveaway... count me in! So glad you dropped by and entered mine! Just love sharing with friends! Take care of yourself, missy!! xoxo

  8. Yes, it's OK to cry when your baby graduates from college. In fact, I would call it mandatory. I walked the walk not long ago and will do it again one year from now. Hard to believe, yes?

    I'm glad the tests revealed that you have a heart nearly normal. I'll bet they found it was just slightly bigger than most, too. They just didn't want to tell you and give you a big head to go along with it.

    I'm greedy for goods and entering this giveaway. I happen to have a set of your notecards already. They are so pretty that I have yet to use them. I chose instead to leave them displayed so people will think I have taste.

    Do we get an extra chance if we follow to the level of stalking? Just thought I'd admit it.

  9. It's okay to cry at college graduation. I graduated from PL ten years ago (what?!?!) and it was so. hot. A big brimmed hat might be a good idea to protect you from the sun and hide the tears ;) So glad that all is well with your heart!!

  10. Already a follower and love your posts-especially Friday ramblings! And congrats on the clean bill of health.

  11. Lynn - So glad to hear that your test results came out ok!!! The trials of getting older, indeed.
    Woot, your daughter graduating...yes, crying seems mandatory (crying for joy, for pride, for hope in the future, for - well, lots of things). What a wonderful day that will be for your family!
    Sending you lots of well wishes, good luck, and prayers for your upcoming show. Breathe...
    Please sign me up for a chance at the goods - can you rig that a bit? Have a great week!
    xo ~A
    P. S. your posts always seem to make me smile. Thanks for that.

  12. I almost missed this...congrats on your milestone! SO happy the lab tests were good! I know that is good news! The upcoming show sounds really exciting, I'm looking forward to hearing more about it! And a college grad, too? So much great stuff going on there! I'd love to win some of your goodies!