Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sometimes Life Is Extra Sweet.

There are times when life is extra sweet. 
Like when a nice young man calls and asks permission to take your daughter to our church's prom that is put on every year for the adult disabled group. 
Just because he wantd to give our daughter the "experience of prom".
Which he did, in exceptional fashion.
First, we received the phone call.
Second, he showed up at our door the next day with balloons to surprise Brenna and ask if she would go with him to the Light and Power Prom.
Her response?

I KNOW, right???!!! Too cute.

Next, he somehow managed to persuade his dad to be able to use his car.
A corvette.
Oh, my. SO much style!!!!!
They had dinner with friend's from Brenna's class, then drove to the prom and danced the night away.
We came as well-who can stay away? It's the event of the season!
I can't say we saw much of our child, she was having her own fun, as we were, dancing and laughing and having the best time with people who really know how to celebrate and have a great time.

(click to enlarge)

The next day, I had the absolute PRIVILEGE to take a two day class with Christy Tomlinson
at studio Crescendoh.

It was the best class I have ever taken. All of us in the class bonded immediately, and we had a big 'ol love fest with Christy and her sweet as pie best friend, Chrissy. Literally, non of us wanted the weekend to come to an end. 

truly awful photo of me, but isn't Christy adorable?

my new friend, Chrissy, who I wanna grow up and dress like.

 Christy shared with us her amazing process to create her beautiful She Art canvases.

She shared a few more things with us as well...
  Like friendship, love, graciousness, vulnerability. Like joy and creativity, encouragement and a great outlook on life.
It was a fabulous learning process and just so. Much. Fun.

Day one-
Layers and layers of paint, ink, stamps, paper, you name it!

The second day we began the journey of putting our "girls" on the canvas.

christy sharing the technique of her beautiful faces on her canvases.

My finished product:

At the end, we all gathered for a small show and tell session, which can be intimidating at first, but man.
There was an unbelievable amount of talent in this class!

Thank you again, Christy, for all the gifts you gave us this weekend. Thanks as well to all the new friends I made-you made the weekend just that much sweeter!


  1. Brenna is so beautiful! And what a handsome (inside and outside) young man! :)

  2. My heart is so warm reading this. You are my first blog stop this morning, and it's a wonderful way to start my day. What a wonderful thing for Brenna.

    And your art in this post is wonderful. I really love it.

  3. And, he's cute! Nice AND cute? It's so good to know that they really do exist.

  4. How sweet!! Brenna looks beautiful!!! What a sweet date she had. And your class with Christy looks like it was amazing. Would love to take a class with her one day. Your canvas is beautiful! HUGS and miss you!

  5. First of all, Brenna looks gorgeous!! Second, I love him and all the pictures (especially the one of your husband telling him to behave...hilarious). Lastly, your art is stunning!!!!!

  6. This whole post just made me smile, Lynn...life IS extra-sweet sometimes! Beautiful photos of Brenna and the prom and your art weekend, too!

  7. I am feeling a bit misty after reading so much wonderful... Brenna looks so crazy happy, and what a sweet boy... life is full of wonderful surprises isn't it... and the class looks fab... so glad it has been a great week...xx

  8. Hi Lynn,
    What a sweet event and happy memory that prom must have been for everyone involved! Beautiful, happy "kids".... what a day!
    The class does look amazing, as does your piece of art. Another super experience :)
    xo ~ A