Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Ramblings

As planned, we left my friend's daughter in Colorado last week. I was pretty proud of us for not tying her up and putting her back in the car and taking her home where she belongs. Her daughter is pretty darn brave in my book, so I guess that's where letting them spread there wings comes in handy. Rope does not.

 (No, we did not end up in Boulder. We watched the news while we were in Denver and, yes, it was awful.)

We began our trip by driving through Las Vegas, which was spectacular, just because I got to STOP AND SEE MY FRIEND, AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had so much fun introducing her to everyone and seeing her seriously gorgeous house. Why drive when you have a perfectly good stop to make is my new motto.

Utah is pretty spectacular,

Richfield, UT.

 and the top of Vail is unbelievable. 
The best part of the stop in Vail was when my husband of 28 years was looking at the biggest ski run ever on top of a mountain with an elevation of 11,000 feet, turned to me and said, "Have you ever been skiing?"

brave mom. brave daughter. it runs in the family.

I can honestly say I had more confidence at the moment of that answer than I can remember in a long, long LONG time. 
My answer was, "HELL no. I'd rather duck under a 6ft. wave in the ocean than throw myself down the side of a mountain like that."
 Who DOES that?

I also figured out a few ways to stay awake while in the car.
A. don't be a primary driver.
B. Keep a travel journal and color for eight hours.
C. smelling mod podge in the car helps keep you awake.


D. It's really better to open the windows while using mod podge in the car.
E. really. you CAN use mod podge in the car.
F. using Aqua Markers at 11,000 is not the best idea, but since you are using them at that elevation, get ready to finger paint, because the markers will gush when you take off the lid.
Who knew? I like operating at Sea Level, anyway.

The travel journal was a blast to keep. It got to the point that whenever one of us had a piece of paper from anywhere, they said, "STOP!!! Don't throw that away, Lynn will glue it into her journal!!"
I like being famous like that.

Let's just say that getting home late at night after four days away and doing an art show the next day is a good way to unwind.

But it was a lot of fun.

Art In The Alley, Redlands Ca.

I have so much creative mojo going on right now. I was wondering where it went. I think a driving trip is a good way to get it back-especially when you make a lot of fun stops.
 Plus, I had a lot of caffeine on the trip and I think I was strung out just a tiny bit. Whatever. It got my brain going.

I'm starting a series of birds done with free motion sewing. I like to call them, "Free Birds".

People have asked me if I have a place to sell my art online. I refer them to the button on the right hand side bar where it says, "Art For Sale". It's a really cute button. But if you click on it, you will enter a very empty page that will echo if you call out, "Hello???" 
I'm working on it. 
In the meantime, I will be at Art For Heaven's Sake in Redlands Oct. 17-20 and The Red Dirt Festival November 2 and you can purchase cool stuff there.
Maybe in between I'll get some other items listed.
On it.

While working on the free birds, and getting ready for the three day show in October,  I'm also working on journals, homework with Brenna, school meetings, tennis and I am desperate to see my eldest, so I'm getting back into the car for the day tomorrow.

I won't use mod podge while I'm driving....promise.

Gotta run.
Have a great weekend.


  1. The trip sounds wonderful...and you got to visit Amy! How fun! You are sounding creative and happy, Lynn...XO

  2. It sounds like you had a good trip.. I might have to try journaling while my husband is driving. You know I love Mod Podge. Love you free Bird my friend..


  3. Hmmm. Have you considered that offense for driving under the influence of Mod Podge would be called a D.U.M?

    Or worse yet, a D.U.M.P.?

    That's the kind of stuff that makes me giggle. I'm giggling while typing, which I guess would be a T.W.G.

    Enough rambling for me. I loved your post and stand in complete agreement to your answer about skiing. Not for me.