Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Ramblings

Happy Thanksgiving!
I have enjoyed reading everyone's day of gratitude post on Facebook this month. I kept thinking I would join in but it just didn't happen.

Driving home from my daughter's house today, I came up with an alternative.
Here it is:

Thirty One Days of Gratitude List.

A good night's sleep.
Leaves that change color, the light in Autumn, hot bubble baths and new life.

A great book.
Friends, family, and really, really looking into the eyes of my children.

Anything old and worn.

Opening my hands.
Peonies and daffodils from Trader Joe's, socks that fit the smell of pumpkin spice and the sea.


The privilege of crying with those in pain and helping to bear their sadness.
Holding my children, cooking for others, gathering, the gift of creativity.

Laughter, loving my husband, prayer, the freedom to worship.

The gift of words.

Here's to a beautiful day whether you gather with family or friends.

May I just add....
If it's a rough day, as holidays can be, take the time to excuse yourself from all the chaos and dysfunction and find a quiet spot.
Think of five things your are really, truly grateful for.
Say them out loud, write them down, text them to yourself.
Tell yourself you are loved and you are enough.

And when all the family get togetherness is over, take the longest, hottest bubble bath ever and have sweet dreams.


  1. so well said!
    I am so glad this last month has been a good fit for you and full of life and creativity.
    It has brought me joy to see you so happy and giddy with all you have done.
    I hope to share many more happy days this holiday season via text ;)

  2. Thankful for wonderful friends with the gift of words! Words that lift me up and make me feel a little lighter going into today! Thankful for family, for friends, for sisters, and for a God who has brought us all together! Praying your day is especially blessed! Sarah

  3. So thankful for a wonderful friend with a gift of words. Thankful for friends, family, sisters, sons, and a God who has intricately woven us together! Hope your day is especially blessed and filled with making memories!

  4. I knew I should have gotten a RV with a bath tub.. I do miss my Bath Tub that's for sure. What a wonderful post my friend. I do hope you had a Happy Turkey day..


  5. Lovely post, Lynn...I am choosing to look at life with an attitude of gratitude, too...love your list!

  6. Lynn ~ such a beautiful post on gratitude and thankfulness! Love your list and can relate :)
    Wishing you joy and love in this beautiful, and sometimes crazy, holiday season!