Thursday, April 24, 2014

Friday Ramblings: So Full Of Happy.

The last two weeks have been a serious whirl wind.
But it's a wind FULL of happy.
So much happy that my husband and I look at each other and wonder when the shoe is going to drop.
Sometimes, as crazy as it sounds, it's an act of trust to accept so much happy.

So, let me run a re-cap for you.

April 8.
My eldest daughter said yes and we joyfully make room for a SON into our family!

We are so. stinking. happy. 
He is kind, funny, has a heart for God and adores my daughter. He makes her laugh and he has fit right into our family like he was always meant to be here.
I'm pretty sure he knows what he's getting himself into...

Two days later, we flew into Denver, Colorado to celebrate a family friend's wedding.

More happy, more love, more....fun, joy and celebration.

We got snowed in for a day...

...and when we landed back home, I was so HAPPY to smell Southern California air. 
I was even happy to see palm trees.
Don't get me wrong, the snow was fun-for about four hours.

The next two days, we went into full blown wedding planning and my daughter and her fiance found their wedding venue.

Did I mention they are getting married in six months?

Let's see, I think that was Wednesday. Yep. Wednesday, cause on Good Friday, I was privileged to participate in the worship service.
By painting.

I thought for sure I would pass out right before we began, so I had to hide behind the (large) canvas and breathe.

When the music started, I thought to myself, "Oh! Wow, this is just like being at home-listening to music while I paint, getting lost in color and thought.."
And the HAPPY came flooding in.

The privilege came in when I was to be able to contemplate the work Jesus did on the cross and what is laid there:
all the worst of the worst, depicted in paint while music is played.
 The second part was to be able to portray how it is wiped clean with the blood that was shed using white gesso and molding paste.

I wish I could convey what an amazing experience it was. I was totally lost in it. I had no idea people had taken photos, though now I'm glad. 
The ability to express emotion through paint is such a huge part of my life and to do so in such a large way fired every go button I have. 
When I was finished, I found myself sitting in the church realizing I had to completely let this go.
 I only had about 20 minutes to finish the painting and didn't have a chance to step back and take a look and decide what needed to be done!

But wait!
The happy isn't finished.
The next morning, on Saturday, Doug and I woke up Brenna at 6:00 a.m. to surprise her and drive down to her sister's house to join in on a breakfast with "the girls" and was asked to be a maid of honor.
To top it off?
Wedding dress shopping.

Here I am, on the couch recounting the past couple of weeks.
Fairly tired.
Like a really great morning of Christmas tired.
And full.
Full of family, exquisite memories, joy.

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  1. Wow, what a post! Such a joy to share in your happiness :)
    Happy PPF :)
    (no. 20 on list - I'm new!)

  2. wow you have been busy Lynn and all wonderful things happening. A great experience to paint in church like this, congratulations. Fab read, thank you. Annette x


  3. Absolutely beautiful blog post!! Love it all....Congratulations to your dear daughter and handsome son to be. Although I am sure he already feels like a son, much like my son in law did long before they married! It is such a blessing to have such an amazing son when I only have the one daughter!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Oh My Gosh Lynn! So HAPPY for your Happiness! I {heart} you so much! xoxo

  5. there is so much love and joy in this post Lynn. That is a beautiful expressive painting. I know how you feel about needing to trust so much happy. All the best to you and your lovely family. Happy PPF!

  6. Oh you are in a happy time, Lynn...I am so happy for you! Enjoy every.single.minute.
    I love your artwork...I am sure it touched everyone who watched you create it! XO

  7. happy happy !! Thats what i felt here, your painting is amazing, beautiful, congratulations on the up coming wedding whoo hoo!!!!

  8. So much to celebrate (your daughter is adorable by the way). And that marvelous Easter painting - what an amazing experience for you and for those looking on. All I can say is double - no triple - wow!

  9. Wowza! What a great few days you've had! Congrats to everyone on the impending wedding! They make a fantastic couple, and your family looks like so much fun!

  10. Congratulations!!!! Take it all in and just go with it. So much love and happiness to fill your heart.

  11. Happiness, a marvelous thing. It sounds wonderful that so many positive things are happening for you!

    Wow, what an experience you had, creating art in a crowd, in a church, with music... I know how you felt. I experienced that same feeling when I had to play in my first piano recital three years ago. I thought I was going to faint. My knees were shaking and I had to take a million deep breaths.

    You created a powerful piece of art.

    I hope the happiness continues!

    Thanks for being brave to share your art!

  12. Congrats on your wonderful week and all the good and happy experiences. Valerie

  13. WOW!!! I am so HAPPY for you my friend. And how exciting that your daughter is getting married. Time sure does fly, It just seems like yesterday that she was leaving home to go to college. Where the heck does the time go.

    Your ART is amazing. Loving seeing the photos of you painting. :)


  14. Boy oh boy oh boy did I need to read this happy post this morning.

    I LOVE it and congratulations!!! This is going to be the most wonderful time of your life (until the next wonderful time arrives. Bet you know what one I mean.) She will be beautiful, and Brenna will be a beautiful maid of honor.

    I love the painting and wish I could have been in the congregation to see it and the message behind it take shape.

    So very blessed you are!!

    (In my head, I sound just like Yoda. )

  15. A beautiful upbeat wondrous post. The cross was amazing how you figured it out like that. Everything goes in (to us) and look how it comes out. Beautiful/Wonderful. Looking forward to hearing more about your daughter and new 'son.' Blessings, Janet PPF