Thursday, May 1, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Old School

I am punchy tired.
I have no new art work to show you, nor do I have any work in my journal to show you.
I have a list a mile long I have tried valiantly to conquer.
Some how said list never ends.
Therefore, it's a good 'ol ramble today.

Let's begin with the problem of tele-marketers.
The phone rang after dinner tonight and I said to my husband, "I wonder who wants money tonight?" Sure enough, a nameless voice from some green energy company began his spiel and asked how I was doing. I said fine, but we have all ready talked with someone from his company, and could he please take my name off his li----and the phone went dead. Dead! 
Since when do tele-marketers get to hang up on ME?
I was even polite. 

Next subject:
Party rentals.
I have been put in charge of gathering information about rentals for the Big Day.
Can someone please explain to me why flatware costs twenty five cents -
One fork=one quarter.
One spoon=one quarter.
One salad fork=one quarter.
One knife=one quarter.
Start adding up the numbers and it's a ridiculous amount for something that is used in someone's mouth, dropped on the ground, rinsed and washed and packed away.
I am still on the hunt for a less expensive version of flatware that is not plastic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Did you know that it's cheaper to purchase table linens and napkins rather than renting them?
After October, if you need a table cloth, I'm your girl.

As long as we are talking about weddings, let's talk Pinterest.
That magical world where time is lost in looking up pretty flowers. And dresses. And one hundred things you can do with a mason jar. Bridesmaid dresses. Shower ideas. Seven hundred DIY projects for favors. Three hundred blogs on how to do your own flowers. A plethora of ideas on rustic weddings, shabby chic weddings, glam weddings and the many uses of barns.
Unfortunately, when I type in "Mother of the Bride" and what do I get?

Totally me.
Especially with the flick -of -the -wrist -blow- off -everyone -behind -me move.

Maybe this:

It does have Brenna's favorite color in it...

I think I'll stick to looking at barns on Pinterest from now on.
If anyone has suggestions on Mother of the Bride outfits, let me know.

Along with the subject of weddings, let's talk chairs.
As in this great chair I found at Goodwill for a steal.
As in the awesome fabric I found (another steal) to recover the bottom cushion.
As in the excuse I had for purchasing it was that my child might need it for a prop in her wedding and she could keep it for her first home and if she didn't want it I could keep it.

On a different note, but still talking about wearing white....
Here's our girl at the Awards Night for her school.
Graduation robe and all.

That face...
She kills me. She is so excited for graduation!

I'm going to wrap it up.
My husband wants to read the blog and catch up on the last hundred posts....
Have a great weekend!


  1. You are in exciting times...full of life changes! Fun post!

  2. This must be why shabby chic got so popular. Mis-matched and gathered from friends and family, thrifts and second hand. Plus you live in the craziness of what is california. Of course it is all expensive. Go on etsy wedding for their diy weddings. Someonenis bound to have an idea. Ya better hit a ton of yard sales this summer. Miss B looks so excited. What a proud moment. Just remember to take some time for yourself too. Oooh and go classic Diane Keaton, fun comfortable like your spirit

  3. So much to do for a wedding it could drive you crazy.. But in the end it is so worth it. I will be thinking of you my friend...


  4. Wow, Lynn! Congrats on the big, happy events in your family life!!!!! A wedding and grad...big deals....happy days! Can't help you with the dress conundrum :) Good luck with that. Enjoy it all!
    xo A

  5. Lynn, that list is not going to be shorter anytime soon. Just sayin'....
    A couple years ago we went to a yard sale in our neighborhood. The people there were selling mismatched flatware - forks in one shoebox, knives in another, spoons in a third one. When we asked them about that they told us that they used it at their children's wedding, but now everybody is happily married and they don't need it anymore. We bought all three boxes... and use them at parties etc. because we don't fancy plastic flatware either. I thought it was a neat idea to have mismatching flatware at a wedding (I guess it was not a too formal wedding), kind of cute. There is so much flatware to buy at thrift stores, yard sales etc. - perhaps an idea to consider?