Thursday, May 29, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Words Escape Me

Words escape me for two reasons.
One, for the amazing support and encouragement after last week's post.
I have read a bazillion times that blogs are supposed to be happy.
Sometimes, life just isn't happy and I tend to be more on the realistic side, and darn it, life is just HARD  sometimes.
So, thank you. A million times over for all your kind words.

The other reason words escape me is this photo, entitled,
"What I Did Over Memorial Day Weekend."

Long story short, because most of this is done left-handed:
I took a massive fall trying to help Brenna get control of an out of control bike so she wouldn't end up in a ditch. 
 Massive Fall.
I'll find out later this week if I have torn my rotator cuff.

Meanwhile, I'm processing.
 I'm vacillating wildly between thoughts of crazy fun graduation, possibly not painting for a very long time, letting go of the WHY and being overwhelmed with gratitude for friends and family.

I'll be checking back soon.


  1. Hi Lynn, I am so sorry to hear about your fall. Sending prayers, hugs, healing thoughts and blessings for a speedy recovery and peace in letting go of the WHY. I pray that painting with your opposite hand for a while will be a blessing and will open up a whole new world of joy and creativity for you and will be part of God's WHY for you! xo Erin

  2. Oh No Lynn! What an exciting life you lead! Never a dull moment. Prayers for comfort and healing heading your way. xo

  3. Lynn, I'm so sorry about your fall. I pray that your rotator cuff is not torn, and for speedy healing. I pray comfort and patience as you heal.

  4. Oh my, just when you think things can't get worse....? A good reason to take care of you. Healing thoughts and prayers for you and yours and wishes for a funfilled summer.

  5. Oh no... That sounds painful. I do hope everything turns out alright. Your fall reminds me of a fall I had about a month ago. My husband was trying to hand me my bike off the back of the truck and he fell off the truck with bike in hand right on top of me.. Boy did we both feel so stupid laying there behind the truck and trying to figure out if we were hurt or not.. Thank goodness we were all right. Just some pretty nasty bruising.

    Taking time for family sounds perfect to me.

    Big Hugs my friend.

  6. Lynn, how painful and of course before graduation weekend. You are such an inspiration and yes sometimes life is just plain hard. Thank you Lord you can do immeasurably more than we ask and that your hand is on Lynn and Doug during this time of transition. You meet their every need, and though this life is difficult you give us your peace that transcends all understanding. And even though we don't understand the why of things - possibly torn rotator cuff - you lead us beside still waters and make us lie down in green pastures, you give us rest, time to reflect and just be. Wrap you loving arms around Lynn and Doug right now Lord. Amen.

  7. OH NO Lynn...I'm so sorry to hear this. Praying for healing...meanwhile get some pampering and just try to take advantage of some down time. Life sure has its surprises, doesn't it?

  8. So sorry to hear of your fall - praying healing comes quickly. So nice to find your blog - thanks for your visit!

  9. hi Lynn; its just me, D. Just read your posts for the past few weeks. Yea I'm gonna read them and continue to laugh, learn, ponder, contemplate your desire for a margarita, and live this amazing life with you. I get the two "g's" you posted recently and in some strange and profound way have a boosted faith as I watched our Brenna graduate tonight. Let me gift you with this if you find yourself struggling over painful frozen shoulders, uncertain futures, and too many bugs. Love