Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday Ramblings: The Creative Vortex

This last week I have been consumed.
It's called a creative vortex and I love it.
It's been a really, really long time and I'm glad to be sucked into it.

Yesterday's vortex might have been fueled by just a tiny bit of caffeine followed by a great night of sleep.
Much better than speed.
And it's not illegal. 

First thing in the morning, I found this killer Pinterest Board with this photo on it.

My mouth dropped open and I thought, "Dominos....DOMINOS." 
I have long loved dominoes since my eldest sister introduced me to altering them.
(Long  ago, I wrote This Post about dominos.)
 I grabbed my box of dominos and went to town.
I put them in every small container I could find. In and out, in and out. 

I was so excited, I snapped this photo and sent it via text to both my sisters.
One sister replied, "??"
Wasn't it obvious?
In my caffeine fueled state, I couldn't understand why there was not an instant understanding to this photo:

As I'm writing this, it's like realizing what an idiot you made of yourself at the party the night before.
I'm also trying to edit this post and realize the party the night before has more after effects than I realized and more caffeine this morning isn't helping. Cause seriously, I don't do caffeine so it doesn't make sense and neither does this post.

I think I need help.
I'll go look for a creative vortex anonymous group that doesn't do caffeine and then does.
If I can't find one, I'll set one up and y'all can come.

The next thing I knew, I was digging through drawers and finding these adorable playing cards I bought years ago from Linda at Itsy Bits And Peices.
It was like a scene from that show, Minute To Win It.
All I had on my mind was "GIVE THANKS"
I shuffled frantically through the cards and came closer and closer to having every letter.

What does this have to do with the dominos?
I haven't the slightest idea.
Maybe in the vortex, I saw something on Pinterest that said give thanks.
yep. probly.

Nevertheless, I found every. letter. 

Clearly, I should have been on the show.
I would have totally walked home with all the cash and prizes.
Stay with me, cause I'm trying to tie all this together.


Now I won't have ??????? in the comments.
It's called Friday Ramblings for a reason.

I wasn't finished with my day, though.
Oh, no. Not by a long shot.
I had a couple of errands to run, maybe stopped by Good Will and came home ready to dive into
my art desk that has been covered with small bits of wood, paper, stamp carvings, ink and paint.

I put on a movie that I found at Good Will, "Sliding Doors". Remember that one?
Gwyneth Paltrow with a British accent.

I am working on this,



It's everywhere.
A bunch of this was done the last week minus caffeine.
No, really.
I think yesterday was the only party-vortex on caffeine day.
Pretty sure.

Today it's a Tylenol and face all the deers kinda day.
Wish me luck.

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  1. Ha ha! Love how you got sucked into the creative vortex after you saw the domino photo. I am so glad you have been caught up in the whirlwind. I can't even drink coffee after midday or I go crazy. Happy PPF

  2. My favorite is the deer stamp--it is just extraordinary! Your artwork fills my eyes today.

  3. Thanks for such a good post! Maybe I just related...but nonetheless I totally got it all. Nothing like a good vortex. Happy PPF!

  4. I think you were inside my head, Lynn! Have had those days of disjointed creativity. But you've trumped me in that you accomplished something!

    I really love the cards & the dominoes! The other creative bits were great, too.


  5. Great post!! You had me laughing. I can totally relate only I don't seem to need the caffeine.

  6. wonderful creative and inspired pieces!

  7. Fantastic and clever post, Lynn. Such fun to read and to see what you've been up to.

  8. It's so fun when you feel creative...I've been in that frame of mind lately, too! Maybe fall in the air? Or it might just be that caffeine you mentioned! Thanks for the sweet shout-out, Lynn!

  9. that is a magnificent vortex and I am loving that little deer stamp... and I loved seeing that mug in the very first photo... is that from Anthropologie? It looks like their style... and nicely done on the pinterest front... always impressed when someone can pull off a pinterest inspired project

  10. Laugh out loud, I think the coffee put you in a manic state...great art I might add! So much fun when a creative stint happens like that!! Love the stamps..wow.. all such fun interesting artwork!! Thanks for sharing your great humour and creative energy!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Getting sucked into the creative vortex...is there anything better??? Thanks for the smiles! Hugs! deb

  12. I sure have missed reading your Friday Rambles.. This one has me smiling at my computer.. LOVE your art my friend.