Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Do You Play Dominos?

I used to play Mexican Train. With our neighbors. With my family. Until one day, my oldest sister came to town with stamps. And Stayz On Ink Pads. And Prisma Colored Pencils. And Diamond Glaze. Did I mention she brought stamps? The next time Brenna came up to me and said, "Mom, can we play dominoes?" I had to confess to her that all of our dominoes were altered. Severely. "What? MOOOOOM!!" was the cry heard 'round the world. Now, our dominoes look like this:


And This!!!

So, now you know. I alter my children's toys and don't replace them.
And I alter Mah Jong Tiles and have never bothered to learn how to play! Have a fabulous day!!~Lynn


  1. wow..you did a great job all are beautiful

  2. love the color of your font.....i always try to kind of match mine to the primary color throughout the photos i use in the post....have you ever tried the arial font? or the garamond? or veranda? or if you're using this one, making it a wee bit bigger?

    and, the spacing of your photos....are you a professional?

    ROTF, love you!! jan