Sunday, August 9, 2009

Endless Summer

Hi friends!

Well, my "endless summer" has come to somewhat of a halt. I have done laundry and actually put it away instead of putting it right back into our suitcases. I prefer suitcases over dressers any day. Now it is back to reality: getting Lauren ready for college on Aug 21, coming to and realizing Brenna begins school Aug. 25. 

We had three blissful weeks of being with friends and family. The first ten days were spent camping. Now, I am not normally a camping sort of a person. At all. I don't like tents, I hate bugs, and you still have to cook. What kind of a vacation is that? Well. If you go with friends who have a beautiful R.V. and go down to the beach, it sure makes a world of difference. We spent days in the sun, played games, laughed 'til we cried, got water logged, slept and read, and all the food was fabulous, (especially when we went out!) 

Someone always has to be buried in the sand!

   Brenna chillin' on a boat ride.

After the beach camping, Lauren and I were able to take a road trip to Northern Calif. to visit my sister and her partner. We were SO excited to go! We stopped at Starbucks, and drove straight through. (6 hrs, 20 min.) The downside to driving straight through is that I had a massive attack of sciatica and spent two days at my sister's chiropractor. At least the dr. got me adjusted so that I could walk. Sort of. I woke Lauren up one morning by falling out of bed, as my leg would NOT cooperate. She would tell you it is not her favorite way to awaken out of a deep sleep. We didn't get to the antique stores we had planned, I didn't create with my sister the way we love to do, but if you have to be layed up for a couple of days, her place is the place to be:
Dinner under the gazebo is pretty nice, if I do say so myself!

Here are some views of the yard and garden.

O.k., just one more. I know, I know, how sad for me to be layed up here on our vacation.

Thanks for letting me share the summer highlights with all of you!

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  1. wow, looks like a great time lynn! So gald to see the girls having so much fun!
    xoxo, Tiffany