Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Monday

Hey, All!!
Do you remember that song, "Just Another Manic Monday"? Please. Someone has to recall that one!! That is what this Monday is like. I had an awesome Saturday. We did NOTHING until 2:00. That is very unusual for us. My sweet husband just about wore himself out training on Friday for an Olympic Sprint Triathalon he will be doing in October. Then he played 18 holes of golf. Crazy, I know, but one of his favorite types of days. Sunday began with a great sermon on Ruth and then the craziness began!

 I have coordinated the back-to-school BBQ for Brenna's school the last three years, and it is always on a Monday. So, Sunday is spent at Costco buying 400 hamburgers and buns, all the fixings and then some.....Lots of people comment on our carts!! Then we take it to the school and unload. We were fortunate that our sweet friends had us over for dinner after all of that. OH. MY. It was to die for!!!! Grilled veggies and fillet mingon. YUMMMMMMM.

Now begins the Manic Monday part: B to school. Start prep for the BBQ with some fabulous ladies who help out each year. B to Orthodontist. Back to the high school to pick up extra burgers. Back home to do homework. And laundry. Did I mention no one has any clean anything?! Back to B's school at 5:00 to begin set up, and dinner is at 6:00. Then clean up. Then open house. And by THEN I should just go home as I get myself into trouble for talking while the teacher is talking and I don't hear a word they say, as I am SOOOOO tired!!!

Here is a sweet quote from Brenna to her dad this last week:
"No Dad, we are not a team, we are a FAMILY."
End of statement!
Hope your Monday isn't so manic!!!


  1. Lynn,
    I don't remember that song...you must be much younger than me :-)
    Love the statement from Brenna...I can understand with you having an athletic husband!