Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday AGAIN??\

Monday, again??? Don't the days go by so fast in the fall? Speaking of fall, I am just happy we are only getting up to 95 degrees today instead of the promised 103. Tuesday is supposed to be 108! Where IS the fall weather? 

Today I have some pictures to share with you. My sweet Brenna is the water girl for the jr. high football team at her school. She has had this privilege for the past 2 years, and LOVES it. I am so proud of her!

She works alongside the team mom and one other water boy. This year she is able to carry the waters (full) all by herself! She loves her team and they are such awesome boys to her. They always say thank you, give her high fives, and just say hey in general.

Of course, she digs her team shirt and loves to wear it to school on game days with the rest of the team.

When the coach signals time out, in this big, booming voice, he shouts, "TIME OUT! WHERE IS THE WATER? LET'S GET THE WATER OUT THERE!!" 
Then the team mom and Brenna go flying out to the field to pass water around. Sometimes she makes it out there on time, sometimes not!! It goes so fast!

Sometimes, she is busy getting water herself!! The day I took these photos, it was 103. At one point, I found Brenna in the shade in a chair. "What are you doing??!" I asked. "Nothing" came the favorite reply. Then the team mom told me she had Brenna sit down because she was looking pretty hot. Oh. Oh yeah, her face was pretty red. Nice job, mom!!

She is ALWAYS ready at the end of the game to pray with the team, and help with snacks! One week, the coach told me Brenna actually LED the prayer at the end. What a gal!!!

Thanks for the time to reflect on such a sweet life. Hope it makes your day as much as it made mine!!


  1. How awesome to see Brenna enjoying her water girl duties. I think you are amazing mom to get her so involved!!

  2. Does this girl love football or what?! I loved this posting, and really loved the pictures. And boy was her face red...hot, hot, hot...mom.
    Great for her to be so involved...and the shy little girl is a somewhat bold teenager if she has the guts to lead the team in prayer at the end of the game. WOW!!