Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trick or Treat Banner

Hey, all! 

Today I thought I would show you a banner that I have made. I got a little carried away and made it into a double-sided banner, using different vintage Halloween pictures and some old family photos that I have.

I do believe these are friends of my grandmother's. All dressed up for some occasion, so it fit the Halloween theme!

 This is my grandmother (right) and one of her sisters having some fun:

A crow I drew and cut out and then gussied up a bit...

I love the vintage image on this one. I found some images online and printed them onto card stock. The tinsel I found at the Dollar Store in the gift wrap section. (As well as Mr. Crow.)

I took the scraps from the group photo and used it on this one. The scrap of the house looked kinds spooky. Then I had a creative blitz and made the little "badge" out of a circular punch and my calendar stamps. I used Dreamstreet and Graphic 45 papers for this project.

Here I used yet another Dollar Store find: the flower! I just painted it black with my acrylic paint, some gold glimmer mist and a little bling. I wonder what my art teacher would say if she knew I was using my acrylics on Dollar Store flowers? Knowing her, she would say, "Go for it! But what have you painted lately?

 A Jenny Bowlin tag I embellished.

While photographing, I realized that I had glued the letters on the "back" side of the banner backwards. Yep. TRICK now looked like KCIRT. Beautiful. Just fab. I thought I could either try and salvage it or try to convince people that KCIRT was an old Halloween expression from the Netherlands. I decided on the salvaging idea. 


Not too bad...I am grateful for the uh, "distressed" look!

Ahhh, she really CAN spell!!

Being the anal person I can be at times, I wonder...should the TRICK side be facing the front door  or the TREAT side??? Does it really matter?

B didn't care which way went which. She just wanted her picture taken!


  1. How come no one comments?? What a great project! I've never seen those family pics. Loved them and what a great use for them. Good salvage job :-) You would do that..With all that you have on your plate, I love that you are committed to keep creating. LOVE IT!! LOVE YOU, courageous bear :-)

  2. I love it...just love it...you are so creative and I love your style! I just did a salvage job, too, and guess whose project that was on...lol!!

    Adorable picture of Brenna.

    Hugs to you, talented and kind woman!

  3. That is so cool Lynn!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. The banner turned out really, really cute! Don't ya just love DT? I do. And that's a cutie peepin through the stairs there! :D

    yapping cat