Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Creation Completed!!

I did it!!  I actually completed a project! You would think with summer and kids being out of school, I would have done more artwork, but noooo......We were too busy swimming and camping and going to the beach, and movies, and reading and having bagels and iced coffee.  Wow, I kinda miss summer. I am one of those odd moms who actually is sad when her kids have to go back to school. But I must say, I have gotten into the groove of school this year pretty well. ANYway, here is what I have finished:

Can you tell what they are??

Come on now, I know y'all are VERY clever-you can figure it out!!

Yeah!! A business card holder. That's right! O.K., I must say that I really like how these turned out. I cut double-sided paper to fit the outside of an acrylic business card holder. Then I decoupaged it on and added ribbons, rosettes and some bling in the form of an Eiffel Tower and a rhinestone brad.

My friend, Angie, who is a hairdresser asked me if I could make a business card holder. I said, "sure,why not?" Her salon is done in a Paris theme, and while she actually went to the one with the rhinestone, she said that the red and black would match the salon better. So....I found some yummy Graphic 45 paper with little Eiffel towers on it and will try some in that pattern. (The black and red one here is actually Graphic 45 paper as well.)

That's it for today!!!


  1. Clever girl! I love them. You did an awesome job! I'm sure that Angie will love em too! :D

    yapping cat

  2. I couldn't guess but once you tld us..I love it..I bet your friend will too..very nciely done

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