Monday, July 12, 2010

I Love Summer

Summer is by far, my favorite time of the year. I thought this week I would share with you my favorite parts. Let's begin with food, shall we??
Like peaches and blueberries!

Not that Brenna would consider eating a peach. No, she's a strawberry-watermelon kinda gal.
But she just wanted to be on the blog again.
We had some friends over for dessert the other night and I decided to make a 
from our Cooking Light magazine. 
Unfortunately, I had to buy peaches from the store. Our local produce stands don't have peaches. My neighbor's tree looks like it has quite a few, but they weren't ripe yet, and I don't think he would appreciate me taking 5 pounds of peaches off of his tree!

It was a really easy recipe, but my timing was off. I was trying to peel and slice peaches while getting dinner ready, and I didn't realize it took an hour to bake! Good thing it's Summer and people are not in a big rush. There is lots of time for hanging out and talking under the twinkle lights in the back yard.

The cobbler part smelled super yummy even before it was baking. Mostly flour, butter, and buttermilk. Mmmmm! There's not a lot of sugar in this recipe so you can really taste the flavors of the fruits.

Here it is all prepped and ready to go into the oven. Be forwarned: put the dusting of sugar on top of the cobbler BEFORE you put it in the oven. Unlike myself, who put it on while in the oven and managed to cover the (hot) oven door with a fine layer of sugar. What a mess!

Since it took an hour to bake and the company came in the mean time, I didn't get a picture of it straight out of the oven. And there wasn't a bite left after all our friends went home!!
Here is the link for the recipe.
You can print it out from here and it has a picture of the finished product.


  1. I love cobbler. I love blueberries. I love peaches. I love eating. Therefore, I'll be trying this recipe, especially since it's a light recipe and I'm TRYING...

    Brenna cracks me up in this post. She and I would get along like two peas in a pod. I just know it.

  2. That looks like heaven! Brenna is just hilarious...what a funny young woman!

    I am going to check this out, too. We are trying, also. Good/bad time to be trying!


  3. She always brings such a joyful element to your blog world!! :) I receive Cooking Light magazine too and was eyeballing that cobbler recipe, glad to see it is fantabulous!!!! Yumm!!

  4. Ooh that sounds good. I may need to get out to the market soon. MMM!

  5. Ok.

    I'll make a deal with Brenna.

    If I can have all her peaches, she can have all of my watermelon.



    Your dessert looked oh so good....will you make another if I show up on your doorstep?

  6. where does Debby live? Brenna needs to go to her house for a couple of days to complete the pod :-) LOL!! They's love each other!
    Wow, looked great and I, like the others, just may have to try this one. I love white peaches...which are quite good grilled, too. And blueberries...well, what's not to love. But I dooooo love watermelon as well.
    Sugar on the oven door...patina?

    Bring me a piece up to the shop immediately...pleassssseeee!

  8. Brenna is lots of fun hamming it up for the camera ... your dessert looks wonderful ... as do your grilled vegies in the post above ... you almost make me want to cook ;)
    Happy Mid Week!

  9. Tell Brenna my youngest guy thinks she has excellent taste in fruit!! He'd take a plate of strawberries and watermelon over a piece of cake any day of the week!! : )

    ~ Wendy