Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why I Love Summer, Part 3

I'll tell you why I really love Summer.
Because of July 21st.
To most everyone else, it's just another hot summer day.
 Maybe someone had a family reunion that day. Maybe it's someone's birthday.
Could be that's the day you leave for vacation!
For me, it's a very special day. One that I have now celebrated for 
25 years!!!!
Yes, twenty five years ago I married this man.

We were 23 and 25.
I would do it all over again. In a heart beat.

He is kind and patient. He is funny and loves to laugh. He has learned to love the beach.
He is consistent, Godly, and loves his family like nobody's business.
He is outgoing, thoughtful, analytical, methodical and thorough.
We were complete opposites when we married. Our "personality tests" we took in marraige counseling were totally and utterly at opposing ends of the scoring scale.

Did I mention we were engaged for a total of six weeks?
That we packed up all our belongings and headed out to Oklahoma two weeks after we said, "I do" and he began medical school?

Did I mention how much he adores his girls? That when you watch Doug and Lauren walk together they are the same?

I bet you never knew that when we had this cutie pie

He was the one that said, "why not?"

Twenty five years is a long time. A quarter of a century! We have had many highs and some of the deepest lows anyone could face. I will tell you one thing. This man has stood strong. His faith has sustained him as well as the love of his family.

I think we make a pretty good pair!
(So much for the personality test scores.)
We actually balance each other out quite a bit. He would be the one to light the fire and go after whatever needs to be attended to. 
I am the one who is willing to skip a day and sleep in.

He has learned over the years to slow down a bit.

Not much. But a little.

Mostly he's trying new things.
I have geared up a little. But mostly I prefer this:

And a good book.

Neither one of us is perfect. It's the willingness that counts. Willingness to listen, communicate, get help when needed, pray, ask advice, laugh at each other and ourselves, build a community around us and live loving each other. And saying it!! And showing it!!
Have you told your husband that you love him lately? Have you written down 20 reasons why and given it to him? Have you really listened in a while? When was the last time the two of you went out and enjoyed dinner or a movie together?
Enjoy every year and day you have together!

(And for the record my colors were NOT pink. They were lavender and grey.)


  1. Congratulations on 25 Years! Enjoy your Hawaii trip.(Dirk and I also failed our personality tests, we were also opposites. We will celebrate our 20th next year)

  2. Sooooooo very sweet my dear friend...congratulations on finding your soul mate & keeping the spark alive!!! & yes, I will go home tonight after work & tell my man..."I love him" because you just reminded me of why.
    Big Hugs,

  3. I love the part about willingness. I agree completely!

    Happy early anniversary! You were a beautiful bride and groom. I love the spark, which you can still see in the contemporary pictures as well. Have a wonderful time. I'll be waiting for the daughters' blogging.

    Going upstairs to tell MY opposite that I love him...

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a milestone! I hope you have a fabulous time!