Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Arno River

Ahhh, the Arno River.
Let me take you on a little sight-seeing tour.

The Ponte Vecchio:

This amazing bridge was originally built in 996, destroyed by a flood and re-built in 1333.
Which continually astounds me.

It was the only bridge in Florence that wasn't destroyed by Hitler's retreat in 1944. 

(It is said that the economic concept of bankruptcy originated here: when a merchant could not pay his debts, the table on which he sold his wares (the "banco") was physically broken ("rotto") by soldiers, and this practice was called "bancorotto" (broken table; possibly it can come from "banca rotta" which means "broken bank"). Not having a table anymore, the merchant was not able to sell anything.)
source: wikipedia

The merchants were all butchers in the beginning across the bridge. Now there are jewelry shops lining the bridge.

There are two other bridges spanning the river here. The second one, I like to call "Lauren's bridge", as she crosses this one each day to and from school.

It is especially beautiful at dusk and sunset.

Night time isn't too shabby, either! 
I had a great time with my sister as she taught me a couple of the settings on my camera that I have never used.

There is a great lore along the Ponte vecchio, thought to be fairly new in tradition and started by the padlock owner at the end of the bridge.

If you write your name and your beloved's on a lock and lock it onto the other locks that are fastened onto various posts and chains, you then throw away your key into the Arno River and you will become eternally bonded.

I happen to think it's a great idea. Unfortunately, it damages the structure of the bridge and  I have since read you will receive a 50 euro ticket if caught doing it.

But who can stop love?



  1. How lovely, Lynn! Love it all lit up at night, and the little shops on the bridge are adorable! Show me more...more...more!!!
    That pic of you two is adorable! You have a great smile!!

  2. awww, what a great story Lynn!!
    I would take the chance of a ticket.
    These are all just beautiful photos.
    I am so glad you are sharing your memories with us.

  3. Beautiful pictures and such an interesting tradition with the locks!

  4. Oh, my friend,
    What a treat! I just love your pictures and the one of you and Lauren is adorable. She looks healthy and happy! I love the picture about the words about your sister teacher you how to use new lens...so pretty! Well, they are all so pretty and make me want to travel...but the sun is actually shining here and I can't complain!
    Are you home? How are your husband and youngest??
    Big huge hugs,

  5. Very cute picture of you and your daughter! The lock thing is so romantic.

  6. Love all the locks!

    What will the archeologists think when they discover them in a couple thousand years..........

    And may I ask---what about the bridge at sunRISE???

    Oh, I thought so....

    Also wondering---is that "the look" you gave the bus police?

    No wonder it worked.


  7. ...so when are you moving to Europe????!!!! We already kept the one!

  8. I just loooooove these photo's thanks you so much for sharing them with us.. I must visit there someday..

    Hugs, Linda

  9. Beautiful!! I love the bridges and the lore of the locks. I would be so tempted to do it just to say that I did.

    And you and Lauren look like sisters in that photo, you know.
    Italy agreed with you!

  10. Your photos are simply breathtaking...especially the ones at dusk..how magnificent! You and Lauren have the very same smile...xx juner

  11. Beautiful photos, Lynn! I've been catching up with your last few posts- it looks like you are having such a wonderful trip!

  12. Your pictures are just gorgeous! I've always heard the light over there is just different? If your pics are any judge...it is. LOVE the padlocks on the bridge..how romantic.