Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's All About The Boots, Baby!

I tell you what. Italians sure know how to dress.
Not once did I see a gal schlepping around in pajama pants and a too-small camisole. Nor did I see any guys displaying their boxers for all the world to see. 
But I did see boots.
Carol and I were recovering on a park bench from a harried ride on the public bus and being tagged by the "bus police" for not stamping our ticket. By that point, we were pretty slap-happy and I started talking about how all the women were wearing boots. That's pretty much all it took and the hunt was on. We began the whispers, jabs, and nods of the head when a great pair of boots were spotted. I was very inconspicuous about taking my photos and that was half the fun. 

Do you love the coat with these boots?

Now, these people literally walk everywhere. EVERYwhere.

In heels.

On cobblestones.

Add to those cobblestones a bike. I have a very good friend that tried to ride a bike across cobblestones in Holland. Not good, she says.

Throw in a pair of boots on the bikes, on the cobblestones.

THEN add in a cell phone conversation while riding the bike in boots on cobblestones.
Oh-and dodging vespas.
Pretty impressive.

Speaking of vespas,

aside from the fact that they are very noisy, loud and remind me of a wayward Junebug,

Aside from the fact that my sister vehemently despises them for their noise factor,

I think it takes guts and quite a bit of finesse to ride one in a pair of boots.

But then that brings us back to bicycles.

Much quieter than vespas,

and they have cool bells to ring to get people like us out of their way.

Rain or shine,

Bikes are mighty fine.

I don't know why, but I found it curious that they had to be locked up.

I guess it burst my bubble of Italy.

Now this cute as pie gal was riding a Vespa,

but standing by a bicycle.

Either way she looked pretty cool in her boots.

Unlike her male companion. Who can only wear tennis shoes on a bike.

I digress.

The women of Italy

rock their boots. 

This gal?
High maintenance.
But great legs in her boots.

I was sorely tempted to purchase a pair.

because, you see,

I did not bring boots to walk in.

I brought walking shoes. Which really didn't do me much good as far as comfort was concerned.
But I bet these boots would have helped. And I would have looked good.

Alas, my price range was about right for these:

and I passed.

So, I guess I'll have to be all about the boots in the U.S.A....



  1. OMG, how did you resist the temptation? I would have donated clothing to find room in my suitcase for those!!!

  2. love it all
    bikes and boots two of my most favorite things.
    Well it is Italy, where fashion was born, right.
    The one that scares me is the girl riding her bike with the fringe boots.
    EEEK, I would be scared of getting it all caught up in the chain, LOL
    PS, I would have left all my clothes behind and filled my suitcases with Italian Boots.

  3. This was FABULOUS! well done, sister dear :-)

  4. Bikes & Boots...to very cool topics & your right...all europeans seem to just dress so cool all the time. The only neg I could say is that when I was there, they also all SMOKED! Not so good!
    But back to the boots, just yummmmmy, love them all & LOVE your photodocumentary on them. ;)
    You always take such GREAT pics friends & now I feel that I too must find myself some new boots. I think most of them are on sale right now so a great time to find some.
    Hugs friend & so glad you had such a fabulous time in ITALY!!!

  5. Looooove the post!!! Super fun.

  6. Well, I was very glad to see that most of those Italian women were wearing flat boots or boots with very little heel.

    {Except for the high maintenance gal...}

    So maybe there is hope for me yet.

    And I agree with Amy---the boots with fringe on the bike---accident waiting to happen!

    Love all the bikes.

    And let me tell you---those Vespas? They can't make near the noise of several hundred thousand Harleys........

    Love the photos, Lynn!

    More, more, more!

  7. This was a great post! I love it when one simple thing sends you on a treasure hunt. I think it's the perpetual kid in me.

    I've walked on cobblestones, and you're right that there isn't a shoe that helps much. Of course, I haven't tried it in boots.

    I want bike baskets like the ones in the first photo.

  8. Love it! When I was there years ago I was amazed by all the high heeled boots on women towing preschool kids on cobblestone streets, and they never missed a step while I (in my flats) was tripping every few feet!

  9. Oh Lynn, this is so beyond fun to be "on vacation" with you! :-) Those boots were fabulous and you proved what I always thought to be true that Italian women really know how to dress. They do it so effortlessly too. Now, I have to tell you though, I have a brown and black pair of tall riding-style boots and they aren't always the most comfortable after awhile. Maybe if I paired them with pajama bottoms and a too tight camisole on top? :-) That would be chic, huh?

  10. Ok.. I must say now I want to go buy a pair of boots... Maybe I'll wait till next year.. It's already warm here in Vegas.. Time to bring out the flip flops.. I just looooove looking at your photos.. Thanks so much for sharing them with us..

    Hugs, Linda

  11. Yup! ...and that's the way it is!

  12. wow, i had no idea there were that many different kinds of boots in the world. here we have one kind - Xtra Tuffs.
    my italian bubble is now burst as well, i didn't know vespas were noisy. i guess it stands to reason, but dang they are so stinkin cute. but i hate noise. dang.