Monday, April 25, 2011


Today was another day off from school. Which is one of the reasons this SURPISE! post is a little late.
As I was sitting in the kitchen this morning, waiting for the coffee to brew, I wondered what on earth I would do to entertain my sweet child besides more videos.
Then my angels of mercy called. "Want to go get coffee and a pedicure?"
Like a drowning man on a sinking ship, I went running for the life vest.
"Get dressed, get dressed!!! C'mon, B!! Eat! Get dressed!!"
And so the day began, getting sweeter as it went.
After a venti decaf at Starbucks, we had our toes and our nails done. (My toes, B's nails...she's not too keen on having her toes done.)

Then the two of us picked up the dog, Brenna's bike and some lunch and headed for the park. Continuing the sweetness, we further celebrated the sunshine by heating up the jacuzzi a bit and pretended it was summer. We sat by the edge blowing bubbles and eating Easter candy.

Now, I'm enjoying the afternoon breeze, Brenna is enjoying the movie, "Daddy Day Care" and I'm ready to show you today's SURPRISE!

For so thoughtfully following my journey to Italy, and indulging me in extending my trip, I'm 

A set of photos that I have edited and had made into note cards.

A little piece of Venice,

A little piece of Florence,

And a sweet treat!!!
I would have loved to have been able to send you a Bombolino, but these seemed to pack a bit better in the suitcase. Plus, there's chocolate involved...

So, leave a comment on this post and on Thursday, Brenna and I will pick a name from the trusty cowboy hat.
SURPRISE! Number two:
My sister, Carol picked her favorite comment from all the Italy posts, and that award is bestowed with great glee to Miss Pam Q.!!!!!!
It's become somewhat "everyday" to say ala Pam, "The moral of the story is, all's well that ends with a Bombolino."
(Her comment can be found here.)
Well said, my friend, well said.
 Pam gets a sweet treat and a set of cards as well.



  1. that day sounds like complete and utter joy!!!
    What a fun thing to go do together then the eating of the candy by the water, too fun.
    Your cards have turned out lovely how fun to share.

  2. How fun! Your cards turned out beautifully!

  3. Well hot dog!

    You mean I don't have to be disappointed when my name doesn't get drawn out of the cowboy hat YET AGAIN?!?!?

    WooHoo!!!! WooHoo!!!

    Be sure to thank Carol for me. I, too, shall enjoy my prize with great glee......

    Sounds like you had a great day---especially the coffee, Easter candy and bubbles part.

    Tell Miss B that I am with her---I don't think I would like my toes done either.

    Oh, I'm excited now!

  4. That is MY kind of day right there! I could have used it today too cause this mama wasn't at her best ya know what I mean? :-) Those cards are just absolutely gorgeous and I have so enjoyed looking through some of the Italy posts that I missed!
    Glad to have you back!

  5. Ahh, your cards look so beautiful! Firenze, Florence, Venice.. how can a girl not post a comment!!

    John and I are planning our trip for next September. He wants our main stay to be in France.. but I have big plans in Italy!! :) xoxo

  6. Pick me, pick ME!! Ah, now I know why you were waiting for the cards. I had no idea you had them made into CARDS!! I've never seen them done that way and I love it. I also think you did something special to the pics to make them even more interesting. I'm dying to see them in person, if you've made a set for yourself. Glad you had such a great day. No traffic today so I guess a lot of people had the day off...after Easter??!! Pout...not me. Great post!! love you!

  7. Lucky, lucky Pam! Congratulations. That was a great quote and the cards are so pretty. You are really clever, Lynn. Did you do that yourself?

    Looks like a wonderful day. I adore Brenna's polka dots and your feet look pretty snazzy...especially with the toe ring. I am trying to get rid of the Easter candy (by eating it) and doing a pretty good job of it. I have a new candy addiction...peanut butter M and M's!

    Poor Jud is not feeling good. He is having a harder time with this round of chemo. It is hard to watch him be sick :-(

    Love and big hugs,

  8. Oh Me! Me! I want you to draw me out of that hat. Shoot to blazes, if I had known that Lucy was judging comments, I would have tried harder.

    This was a wonderful idea.

    And there is no way that I would show my feet to blog land. Not a chance in the world.

  9. Love the cards. Hope I win, just think of all the postage you will save if you pick me.

  10. Sounds like an absolutely amzing day.. Starbucks and getting your nails done.. I do have a little trouble with the pedicure.. I am so ticklish. I cannot sit still.. It drives them crazy.. I would love the chance to win those gorgeous card.. PLEASE throw my name in the hat.. Hope you have an amazing day my friend..

    Hugs, Linda

  11. what a fabulous day!
    love the toe rings.
    i'm jealous of brenna's bubbles.
    having note cards made from your photos - what an awesome idea!
    you are so clever! have a great week!

  12. Oh my! I have sooooo enjoyed reading about your trip to Italy!!! WOW! The cards look amazing too! What a fabulous idea, by the way.

    Sounds like you and Brenna had a wonderful day together. Oh, how I would love a pedicure! FUN! I haven't done that in ages! So glad y'all had a good day.