Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dufus and Lucy Take On Venice

Nothing much will stop Dufus and Lucy.
Especially in a foreign country.
Apples will not stop them.
Ham will not stop them.
Brie cheese will not stop them.
Even when the ham that is eaten is spoiled.
Even when that ham takes hold of poor Lucy's bowels and turns them inside out for 12 hours.
Nope. Not even then.
Because Dufus will help her clean it up, Lauren will go running to the front desk for antiseptic and be very, very brave. Lauren is very brave as she has grown up with a younger sister who just couldn't hold food down for most of her life and who spent a lot of years in the bathrooms of various restaurants, homes and places tossing her cookies. Not that Lauren ever got used to it. She just learned to run. Like she did for the antiseptic. Like she and Dufus did when they realized Lucy was not going to die.
 It was a really small hotel room.
And Lucy said it was o.k. to leave.
And they kinda, maybe, sorta had a really fun dinner and walked around Florence together at night. Then they checked on Lucy and realized it wasn't stopping, so they fled to the lounge of the hotel and ordered hot tea and read their books. To give Lucy some privacy. 
Privacy is good in these situations.
And Lucy was o.k., 'cause she had a bathroom trash can right next to her in the bathroom. AND next to the bed. So convenient.
Lucy, being the amazing traveler that she is, rallied the next morning, and decided they were to all go to Venice as planned. Not maybe as early as they had originally thought, but they would still sally forth to go see the canals and gondolas. Lauren once again left to go buy train tickets, and when she came back, all was well.

Off they went to Venice. Just a short, two hour train ride away from Florence! (In Southern California, you can travel two hours and still get no farther than Bakersfield. If, in a car, with traffic, you are lucky to maybe get to Los Angeles. Plus, we just don't do public transportation. Such a shame.)

But us girls? Well, we rock trains!!! (Not so much buses, but trains, yes.)

I love cameras, don't you?

When we arrived, I have to say, I was stunned.

Our hotel room was chock-full of old-world charm. I literally went running around like a loon, snapping pictures and telling myself it just would not be right to stuff everything I saw into my suitcase.
Like I told my friend, Pam Q., I don't think they have free wi-fi access in the "italian clink."

This is the view of the courtyard outside our window.

This is the view of the PALACE-turned apartments out the back window.

There are no cars, buses, bikes or vespas in Venice. None. You travel by foot or by boat.

It is stunningly quiet, yet bustling with activity.

We did not take a gondola ride. It's a bit cost prohibitive. Like 100 euro (each) for 50 minutes. And that's without a song from your gondolier.

And when one is only eating dry breadsticks for two days, it really wouldn't be fun to barf 100 euros worth of fun overboard.

But it is fun to buy tickets for a night of listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons in a magnificent church, played on period instruments.
These are some of the statues in the church. Take a close look at this one's face.

That veil over her face is MARBLE. Dufus couldn't figure out how the artist carved the face and then added the veil of marble. Lucy told her it was all one piece. It's still hard for her to wrap her mind around that one.
Here is the background of the church:

Then, you know, just a bit more statuary:

Oh, man. There are a bazillion pictures to show you. It will just have to be split up into two posts.
Are you still game?

With buildings like this, I kept thinking I was really at Disneyland. We work so hard here to make things look old, and authentic. Ha. THIS is old and authentic!!

So, that sandwich that Lucy ate? With the ham?
Dufus had a bite. It didn't pull her bowels inside out, but she pretty much ate dry breadsticks for most of the two days. Plus, when she gets rather tired, her immune system pushes back and she feels like she is coming down with the flu. Dufus rallied for dinner and gelato, I'm proud to say.
But all she wanted to do was sleep. So, on Saturday, she cried uncle and gave Lauren her camera, and crawled under the down comforter for the afternoon.

Lucy kept asking her if she didn't like Venice.

Which Dufus did, very much.

But, man, that down comforter and pillow were hard to compete with.

Ooops. Back to reality.
Time to go pick up Miss Brenna.


  1. Lynn, your pics are SO beautiful, you could do lots of posts about your trip, and (especially with your narrative), I could NEVER get tired of them.

    OMG! So sorry to hear that the ham sandwich caused so much digestive "disruption". Who knew???? Poor Lucy. Poor Dufus.

    The statue of the veiled lady in the church is magnificent! I, too, would've spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how the artist achieved that effect out of marble -- phenomenal and so beautiful. I always look forward to your posts!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. keep em'coming!!
    I could look at these pictures all day
    I can't even imagine seeing it in real life.
    And Venice, how cool is that info.
    only boat or walk, wow
    OOO I forgot to ask with all the excitement of your trip, how Brenna reacted to your return?

  3. What great photos! I am so sorry that you guys were sick! That is never fun, especially being on vacation! I loved the photo of the clothesline between the buildings! it's good that you guys were there in early spring. hubby and I were there in the middle of summer, and it was a crowded zoo! thanks so much for taking us along:)

  4. thank you ever so much for not describing what the bathroom looked like with the apple barf :-)
    Oh...you all were running away. Not that I even noticed. I was preoccupado. Any way, I LOVED this post, as did Marilyn. Keep them coming. I was there and I'm enjoying them beyond belief!! You are quite the writer and photographer, sister dear.

  5. I am sooooo luv'n this trip of yours. What a dream Vacation. Even if you were a little under the weather. I almost felt like I was along with you guys.. I wish I could write like that.. Your photos are gorgeous..
    Thanks so much for sharing them with us.. Gotta go get ready for work myself...

    Hugs, Linda

  6. Definitely swoon worthy, Lynn! I have often wondered if the water there has an odor? I soooo want to see that enchanting place! I read that the average tourist only spends 30 minutes in Venice. Maybe because of the walking thing! Are the gondolas expensive to ride? So glad you two didn't need medical help! That can be so weird in another country!

    I'm with ya til the last photo is posted!!!
    Thanks so much for this virtual tour!!

  7. I think I could like Venice.

    Very much.

    Travel by foot and live in a palace.

    Ok. I can do that.

    Sorry to hear of the...ah...digestive difficulties.

    Ya know, I bet they serve breadsticks in the Italian clink.

    But I'm betting no gelato.......

  8. I am completely enchanted. Completely. I knew that Venice was a boat city, but I guess I never thought about it that there was no other transportation. Venice has now become a top member of the places that I would LOVE to visit if I had the time and guts.

    And speaking of guts... that part was no fun to you, but you made me laugh about not wanting to puke up 100 euros worth of breadsticks on a gondola.

    And that veiled statue is quite possibly the most beautiful man made creation I have ever seen.

  9. Fabulous......
    I Dream of going to Venice one day, your pictures draw me in!

  10. i am loving how this story is unwinding...not fair to have to be ill on such a trip, but sounds like you all handled it like real troopers.
    your photos are amazing, i love getting to see the real thing, not the glassy mag shots, you know? i stared at the veiled madonna forever. and then spent another forever with your last shot. the laundry lines...i just want to see inside those windows!
    thanks for sharing

  11. Pics are unbelievable. Sorry you guys were sick. That part is not so good. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  12. You know, I have been to Venice twice (on the way to Croatia) and i thought it was kinda like Disneyland. In a disappointed sort of way. It was just too perfect, as opposed to Croatia which has graffiti all over but is essentially gorgeous underneath. But...I love your stories and I love your pictures and it is so good to see Miss Lauren again!!!
    Love you, Lynn. You are soooo funny!