Monday, August 1, 2011

For This Moment...

I thought this week I would post about one moment that caught me during the day.
While walking the dog, in a particularly gorgeous area, I stopped to look at the flowers.
This one caught my eye. 

 This sweet Cosmo seemed like it was so proud to be blooming.
It was standing at attention with it's face turned toward the late morning sun as if to say, "Yes!! I'm here!!! And I'm pretty darn happy about how pretty I am."

So, I decided to take notice. I think if a flower is so happy about being so beautiful for the day, one needs to pay special attention. Maybe even learn a lesson to take with you for the day. 
It's hard to put it into words, the lesson I learned. All the words I come up with sound pretty cheesy. Like,
 "Be your most spectacular today."
Sounds like I need a cheerleader skirt on.
"Soak up the day and ...I don't know, live beautifully or something."
What I do know is that it caught my attention and I took the time to stop and take notice and admire it.
Maybe that's the lesson!


  1. I like; "Be your most spectacular today" ! :)
    Love this simple.. but profound post my friend!
    Love and miss you!!!

    Laurie V

  2. Love this Lynn! I totally know what you mean about trying to put it into words but I get the exact same feeling looking at that proud flower. :-)

  3. Carpe diem! And you did! I L-O-V-E this post - beautiful!!!

  4. I loved this. I think you should link it to the Simple Pleasures party at A Collection of This and That. It's the perfect example of simple pleasure.