Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Rambles

My sweet husband and I were at the beach one night and I over heard a conversation about shoes. Who doesn't love to listen to a good conversation about shoes, right?
Except when the topic is about shoes that cost $1,000.00.
No, I didn't put too many zeroes in there. A thousand bucks, baby. Ooh. Wait. Even better is when Neiman Marcus puts said shoes on sale. How much you ask with baited breath?
Wait for it...
C'mon. It's a steal.
Even better? As we were leaving, I had, had, HAD to sneak a look at this woman's feet to see what fabulous shoes she was wearing.
Black rubber flip-flops.

Today is Brenna's last day of camp. We join them for a dance tonight and then bring Cinderella home. I'm certain she will be thrilled to be home.
Do you see me laughing and rolling off my chair?
Seriously. She usually cries when she leaves camp.
I want to go to camp.
Oh, wait. I did.
I cried when I left, too.

Here's a random thought:
When something interrupts your day, do you see it as something that was meant to be, or something that you missed putting a boundary around to keep your time for yourself?

I am still behind in deleting the photos from my phone. Imagine my surprise when I saw the number go over 1,000...
Could I turn them into a pair of shoes?

I got my art room cleaned up to take photos of it for the Where Bloggers Create Party on July 15.
I did some reorganizing, took pictures of the mess and put everything back together. It felt so good. Now I'm working on nine canvases (better than 1,000) for a show I'm doing in October. My art room looks like the before photos. Did I take any photos when the room was cleaned up? Heck, no. The lighting was terrible by then. Guess I get to clean it up again...
I'll do it while I listen to my new favorite C.D. by Maroon 5.
Strange cover, but the music is awesome.

Rambling over and out...

Hope your weekend is sweet!

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  1. I love your rambling! You can ramble to me anytime! I can so relate to you on so many levels. Thanks for showing me I am not alone! Love ya, J

  2. You are who you are...AND you like Maroon 5 !!! I knew we were friends for a reason!!!

  3. That was a nice ramble with you. Now you might inspire me to do some organizing too. $1,000 or $600 for shoes! I hope they also gave that same amount to a charity that helps people or wildlife conservation!

  4. I love ramble days!!
    I do admit to loving expensive shoes and handbags. but I have a limit to which $1000 it is not, lol
    Now purses on the other hand....

    But I do give to charity first ;)

    Oh camp is over already! Have a great time at the dance.

    Some of those phone photos look familiar, lol
    I just deleted 4000 photos from my laptop!!! Your phone will thank you when you do delete them ;)
    Take care have a great day!!!

  5. Still working on deleting photos from my laptop and moving them to a jump drive here. If I EVER figure out how to take a picture on my new cell phone (aside from the accidental shots of my knees), I will be in trouble. Probably best not to learn.

  6. I always cried when I left camp too! Sweet girl!
    Love the $1000 shoe stuff.mif I had a grand to blow it wouldn't be on shoes I can tell you that.
    And photos, yup I'm right there with you. A winter project is I want to go through my entire digital library, esp a lot of the shots I took for the etsy and the blog, the ones without people.

  7. I love your ramblings, Lynn...sort of like I'm sharing the time with you! I tend to look at interruptions in my day as...I'm meant to be doing something else right now...

  8. I've got a similar amount on my phone. Why am I compelled to take six pictures of the same thing? LOL you can bet I never did that back in the day with a roll of film. I was very discerning about taking a shot :)

  9. I can't take a decent shot with my phone so I am pretty good at deleting them.. Love to read your rambles. And I WANT TO GO TO CAMP!.. Oh I am camping.. Hee Hee.... Just not the same kind of camp!

    Take care my sweet friend..


  10. black rubber flip flops! That's hilarious, must be she was saving up for her new shoe splurge! I love your ramblings, the canvas is coming along great, I used to cringe at covering up work that I did whether I liked it or not, now I can just let it go. Way too busy to create yet, but I will get back one day soon I hope. I hope camp was great fun for Brenna! Back to filling bags of soap, so glad that I got to catch up even just a little! t.xoxoox

  11. Thanks for coming over to visit my blog! You've got some great stuff on here! I'm also loving Maroon 5's new CD! Can't get enough :)