Monday, July 9, 2012

Journey Of A Painting

I thought I'd take you on a little journey this week. Kinda like a staycation.
I'm preparing for an art show in October, and I need to complete nine 12x12 canvases.
Which, if I begin to look at the calendar, could be a daunting task. OR, it could mean I will be painting consistently.

I began this canvas thinking summery colors and thought I'd work around that for the next layers.

Then I added more color in the light spaces.
After that, I wondered what had been in my coffee that morning.

This I chalked up to layer number one, and possibly not enough sleep.

Next came another layer of house paint. Isn't it pretty? It's called pale honey.
Too pale for my kitchen, it's now used on canvas.
There is nothing quite like putting paint over something I've done that I don't like.
It gets harder the farther along I paint and I know I need to add more paint, and the decision of what to keep and what to paint over needs to be a thoughtful process.
As in, I need to be patient.

In this step, I have added more paint and now paper.
I put a wash of housepaint over paper. The paper I found at Aaron Brothers, sold in single sheets called Flora and Fauna Bird. It's beautiful paper, and while I would love to keep it front and center, I know it's bound for layer number two. Plus there are always copyright issues. Who knows what will come from the lines and colors? That is all decided in process.

What's really fun is to put (green) paint on the canvas and then spray it with a spray bottle and clean up the aftermath. But I like the effects, so it's worth it!
The third layer begins with some free motion sewing on vintage pattern paper, water color crayons and some doodling and more paint.

There are some aspects I really like here-the lower left corner, the loopy blue in the upper right and some I'm not thrilled with like the pink on the right side and the way the pattern paper cuts off the canvas in the middle.

More on the fourth layer and beyond later this week-stay tuned!!


  1. WOW Lynn, I never knew how much it took to layer and make your paintings.
    You have great patience. I would not be able to stand the wait in between layering LOL

    I love the pattern paper and the embroidery writing!!!

    Can't wait to see how much it changes before you are happy with it.
    Good luck creating all of your paintings!!

  2. I have always loved your work, but I really didn't understand the whole process involved. No wonder they are so intriguing to look at.

    I don't even want to think about the hot mess I would make if I tried something like this.

  3. This is amazing, Lynn...I love seeing all the layers come together...

  4. I loved watching your process and look forward to seeing the end result. Really intriguing!

  5. I totally ditto what Debbie said! I thought...why is Lynn painting over her painting!! Shows what I know!!

    Keeping us in suspense, huh? Well, all I know is that I thoroughly love my bird art that you made, and it will soon have it's lovely new home in my NEW STUDIO!!

    Gotta go get the paint today, and get started!! I'm so thrilled to have a larger space, and one that I can do whatever makes me smile with!!

    Hugs Lynn!
    Look forward to seeing what's next with this art piece!