Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create Party

Oh, I do love a good party!!
I'm so excited to have you over and participate in Karen Valentine's party.

Wouldn't it be fabulous if it were like a house tour and we could take a bus to everyone's home/studio? I would have welcome banners, lots of iced tea and snacks for all of you.
Let's pretend you have gotten off the bus at my house and Miss Party has barked with excitement 

 Miss Party is actually happy to see you. She's just not sure about cameras.

and Brenna has opened the door, which is her favorite thing to do when we have company.

Wander around, make yourself at home. Get some cold drinks and some yummy snacks and feel free to make new friends and be inspired...

 I was able to do some much needed cleaning up and sorting before the party..
I went from this:

to this:

At last year's party, I had to be honest and show the room as it was. It wasn't quite as bad as the before photo, but I was in the middle of a project....
The room is small, but it's mine and I'm in love with how it was bestowed to me.
About three years ago, I came home after a weekend of enforced vacation from my sweet husband to find his entire office moved upstairs and a wide open space for me to call my own and to be able to create. It's full to the gills right now, and I am in process of taking over my eldest daughter's room as she has moved out on her own. I am storing paintings in her old room, displays for shows as well as vintage books and different items I use in my collages.

This is just some of what this amazing room has inspired me to create:

 I have an affinity for color...

 I'm discovering I like open storage and organization, and storage I can see through.   I'm getting better at cleaning up after finishing  projects. As in, putting things BACK in their PLACE, instead of tossing  into a drawer. It really helps in the long run and doesn't come naturally to me in this room, but I like the end results. 
It's always good to learn new tricks!

 Plus, I forget what I have. Shoot. I forget what I had for dinner last night....do you do this as well? PLUS, it just makes me happy to SEE it all!

I have items that speak to my heart all over the studio
 that others have created,

(made by my sister, Sue)

...Or items I have collected and made over the years.

I love using vintage books and paper in my artwork,

as well as free motion sewing. 
I can't sew worth a darn, so free motion is the way to go for me.

A friend of mine gave me this great sewing machine!

My dream is to have a separate studio, full of windows and natural light.

Until then, I will keep working away in this sweet spot.
Who knows? Maybe visiting the others at the party, I'll be inspired in ways I never imagined and my husband will come home to new windows knocked into the walls...or find the GARAGE taken over.

Many, many thanks to our blog hostess, Karen Valentine.
Click on over to her blog and you will find the list of participants for this extravaganza.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit!!


  1. A place to create is a wonderful thing.
    I have to agree that I must have everything out and in clear containers. My mind is so very like you stated, what was yesterday????

    One day that studio down by the beach will happen...;)

    Oh I totally love that you showed how your space looks when creating.
    So very real!!!

  2. Cute dog,perfect greeter smile on Brenna and a wonderful space.Thanks for sharing and also for you visit to my space. Susan

  3. You are fortunate to have such a space and to have a hubby that saw your need for one. I love color, too, and your artwork is lovely. Thanks to Brenna for opening the door and allowing us in. And to Miss Party for her hospitality. :) Have a great day. Tammy

  4. I do so love sitting in your studio and talking with you while absorbing its vibes and inspirations - it's like a sanctuary! (And a big hello to Miranda!) <3

  5. Hello and thank you to Brenna for her friendly greeting while opening the door and to Miss Patty for her warm welcome.
    Your studio is charming, warm and inspirational and I love that your husband moved his office for you -what a sweetheart!

    Your art is so happy and colorful and I can see that you are inspired by your studio and your loving family.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings, Erin

  6. I'm so glad you joined the studio tour this year Lynn! Your studio is lovely and it certainly helps you create lovely things! Enjoy the other spaces!!!

  7. Your husband designed and made a very professional space for you to create it......you must have been thilled....it looks very inviting and must be wonderful to spend time in there.

  8. Great space, Lynn! I love the story of how you got this room and it seems perfect. I'm like you, I like open or see through containers so I can see what I've got. Even then, I've often bought something that I already have. I hate wasting money that way. I'm trying to get better at cleaning up after myself, too, but usually leave projects in progress as they are so I remember where I left off. Thanks for sharing your creative space!

  9. I loved seeing your space, Lynn...really creative and wonderful! Your artwork looks so great there, too!

  10. Really enjoyed seeing your studio and your work. Thanks for sharing

  11. Lynn- your room is truly perfect! You've made some gorgeous art work within those walls!! ( you're use of color is amazing!) I had to laugh at your "before" photo-- believe me- I had one of those too!

    Thanks for this little tour-- it's so wonderful to see the places where amazing talent springs forth.

    Ps- a big hug to Brenna--!

  12. Lynn, enjoyed the tour. Your little dog is adorable! This is my first time at the party, so I am overwhelmed at so many creative artists ~ smiles ~ ♥ ஆ

  13. Love your space but love your ART even more! Wow. Amazing!

  14. Oh yes Lynn, I do it as well! If I can't see it, I forget about it, and if I can shove it aside instead of putting it away I do. Like you, I am trying to be more organized and I am getting there slowly!
    Your room is lovely - what a great gift from your husband! I love all the bits and pieces you have shown - it looks like a truly inspirational place to be!

  15. You are so talented! And Miss Party is a cutie-pie. Tell her I said "hi"!!
    Stop on by my space if you have a second - I have a cat that can greet you!

  16. Hello Lynn,
    Your space is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. I've got my space linked up too. Hope you have time for a visit. Happy Sunday.


  17. What a wonderful space to create in.. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


  18. A very nice art pace for a very artsy and crafty person.

  19. Your work is inspiring! I love the media look to it. TFS

  20. LOVE your art! Thank you for the fun studio tour, fav pic: the tiny tweet made by your sister peeking out, adorable!

  21. You do have a sweet spot.... I cannot wait to come back and see what beautiful creative offerings you will have.

    Thanks for sharing!


  22. I envy the place you have to spread out and create! My creative space is "all over the house". Sigh.

    No wonder the stuff that comes out of there is layered (get it? huh?) with so much creative juice.

  23. You are so blessed to have your wonderful and supportive husband. Your room is great! I love the open storage and just being able to get to things when you need them. Brenna is a cutie pie. Her face is so joyous and radiant . I had a wonderful weekend creating with you and look forward to another adventure with you!

  24. You are so blessed to have your wonderful and supportive husband. Your room is great! I love the open storage and just being able to get to things when you need them. Brenna is a cutie pie. Her face is so joyous and radiant . I had a wonderful weekend creating with you and look forward to another adventure with you!

  25. Thank you for sharing your studio and artwork as well as those who have given you a part of themselves in the art they've given you. Also, thanks to Brenna and Miss Party for welcoming us and making us feel at home. You have a wonderful studio!

  26. What a great, fun and honest post, love it!

  27. Thank you for the lovely welcome! Your space is wonderful!! I agree about the see through storage, i am finding if it is out of sight it quickly goes out of my mind! I also love color and found your studio to be lovely and enjoyed seeing some of your work and that of your friends.

  28. Give Brenna a big hug for opening the door and letting us visit your sweet space! So glad there is someone else who is a messy and can't quite seem to remember! I am still looking for my velcro supply that I stashed somewhere when I was making my lil space! But what joy our spaces give us!!

    Delightful tour!

    bee blessed

  29. I like so many things .Really like the crown. The space ilooks like a fun place.Laura

  30. I have missed visiting with you, Lynn...it's always a true pleasure!
    What a treat it would be to see Brenna's wide smile and have Miss Party bark a greeting...:)

    Your studio is wonderful...stuffed to the brim with goodies, and I always enjoy your artwork. Thanks for another enjoyable tour!

  31. Your art work is gorgeous. Your 'escape' space looks very comfortable and I can tell your use it. Thanks for the peeps. Keep smiling and creating.

  32. A pleasant visit to a great space! Thanks! And LOVE that doggie!

  33. Very nice studio space and I love all the different birds you have through out the space. My favourite is teh picture with the swallow, so miss those birds (and Magpies)... You have lots of nice vintage pieces, lovely space!!!

  34. Thanks so much for sharing your space! Your photographs are so fabulous... makes your studio just sing!! Oh.. before I forget, whose free sewing machine do you have? I am considering getting one and any input would be great.. and thanks! I'll be back to check on what else you are up to! And if you get a chance I would love to share my space with you so hop on over to my blog! I so appreciated the iced tea and snacks and I will return the favor ... tee,hee!!

  35. Hahaha Lynn! What a wonderful party. Thank you for the lovely treats (as I pet sweet Miss Party goodbye - who looks similar to my Casey) and thank Brenna for holding the door for me (my hands are full of more yummy goodness to eat on the bus).

    Your space is wonderful, as is your art and your hubby! Thank you for being such a gracious hostess!

  36. I love your 'sweet spot' Lynn! The perfect place to create beautiful things!!!
    hugs from here...

  37. Aloha Lynn,
    You certainly have a sweet space indeed! It's warm and cozy and I'm sure you have tons of fun creating in that precious room. Renna makes a very gracious hostess assistant with that gorgeous smile and your Party is an adorable pet. Thank you for a wonderful tour of your creative space!

  38. I enjoyed reading your story about your creative space. When you mentioned that you like free motion sewing I was encouraged. I have sewn most of my life but have been intimidated by free motion. Thanks for sharing your space and for the inspiration.

  39. I love you work, it's amazing and your spot is perfect. It will be fun to watch you grow.