Thursday, July 12, 2012

Journey of a Painting, 2

I'm skipping the rambling this week...
I'm getting a post together for the big PARTY on Saturday, July 14.
Please come back and join us to see tons of beautiful creative spaces!

Here is when I last left this painting.
It's been quite a process to take photos of it and really think through explaining what comes next.
In this case, the black lines come next!

Add some more doodling..

A little more color-
reds and some gold.

And then I went nuts with the most gorgeous Jade Green watercolor crayon.

By this point, I have turned the whole canvas around and am now working on it in a different position.

I have had an idea for a bird flying in the middle of it all for a long time.
I cut one out of some vintage sheet music and laid it down with gel medium.
It needs to be blended in to look like it's been a part of the painting, so that's where the fun comes in.

More color, inks and watercolor crayons are used in and around the bird, sometimes continuing the black lines, sometimes continuing a color from the back ground.

Here she is in all her glory.
I know I'm finished when I leave it on the table for a bit, walk away and do something else in another room and when I come back, I look at it and have a big smile on my face.

I hope you have enjoyed the process as much as I have and feel ready to fly free yourself in whatever you do today!!

See you Saturday for Where Bloggers Create!!!


  1. I love this whole concept Lynn. I enjoyed seeing the process you go through. It is making me really think about what I am doing! Thanks so much for your inspiration. Love ya!

  2. Okay, this process takes on so many different stories as you work.
    It is amazing to see the work from beginning to end!
    I love how you have caught a heart on the birds tail...seeming to say, let your heart soar.
    Great Job Lynn! I know you will sell out at your show in October :)

  3. I so enjoyed this! And the final product is amazing. What a joy to follow the process.

  4. I do love your whimsy, lynn....

    I'll be back to see your studio space...doing my blog hopping right now....stop by to visit my creative space too if you like.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  5. I found your site from Liberate Your Art participation list! I started reading your blogs and just kept reading. Your blog is so encouraging and full of love and art! Your artwork is beautiful too. I'll be back! ;) Kate