Monday, September 10, 2012

A Little Note...

Today I worked ALL DAY on this sheet of paper.
It began as a project to cover journals and sell them at one of the shows I'm doing.
(A process I learned at Pam Garrison's Journal Workshop.)
Because it took me all day, I will have to charge about $50.00 a journal to cover the time spent in creating this.
Not thinking they are  gonna fly out the door at that price.

So, I'll have to put my brain in gear and come up with a solution.
Meanwhile, I had kind of a tug of war with my brain in the process of creating.
Such as, "I have four weeks left to make enough product to stock a booth for three days."
"There's no way." "Way. Better FIND a way." "This is stupid." 
Or, this one is always good: "Who am I anyway to create all this and think it will sell?"

I answered myself, "ME. That's who. So there."
Is that weird? Hah. Not as weird as catastrophizing...
I stuck to it and put paint on paper anyway. The thoughts went away and I actually enjoyed myself.

It was a good day to keep at it, as the weather couldn't decide if it would storm or not. We are having the craziest storms and humidity. Unfortunately, Miss Party does not appreciate a good clap of thunder. 

Not to fear, however. Miss Party and I are so ready for the next storm.

Have a great day!


  1. Oh, I just busted a gut laughing at Miss Pary's picture!

  2. Your page is beautiful even if you can't make any money selling it! Miss Party is so cute.

  3. oh, my gosh! Do I know that feeling of thinking that I have enough time and then reality hits.... NO I Don't!! Awk!! Deep breaths and carry on! You will get it done! Love that last shot... you crack me up!!

  4. What a fun picture of Ms.Party. I love it. And your Art work looks amazing my friend.


  5. Love Miss Party!! As soon as you said... who am i? My brain immediately went to one of my favorite speeches given by Nelson Mandela... it has helped me immensely, I am meant to shine and so are you! You are so right with that response back to yourself! Your page is fabulous, I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it. You are going to have a wonderful show! Have fun creating! t.xoxoxo

  6. Such a cutie there at the end of a great post, I love the designs and I'm sure you'll come up with some wonderful ideas and creations for your show :)

  7. we used to put ear muffs on the dog in storms when he was little... now he just sleeps through them!!! cute photo though... as to the four weeks... that;s heaps of time... you will have one week of panic... one that is productive... another of panic and then finish with a flourish... that's what i usually do anyway...xx

  8. It's hard to ever get the true worth from what we make. But the joy of knowing someone liked it is immense.