Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Painting and Procrastinating.

Paintings are finished for the October 6 show.

Now I can get in gear for the October 12 show.
Now would be the word of the day.
I did the holiday.
I did all the laundry, and their is actually food in the fridge.
Dinner is even covered for tonight.

Now I'll dive back into the art room.
See? Here I go.

I even have something started...
So why am I sitting here like I don't have a brain?
I even exercised today. Shouldn't I have a ton of energy????

Music. That's it. I'll put on music. That usually helps.
What should I listen to?
Lady Antebellum? Maroon 5. Maybe Jason Mraz...or I'll just play the list on Spotify.
Have you tried Spotify? It's pretty cool.
Then I'll refill my coffee cup.
And eat a peach.

O.k. See? Lots to do.
Now I can start. 

Maybe I need a nap.
Oh, wait. It's only 10:30.
Time to throw out the coffee and put star a new pot with caffeine in it.


  1. Thanks for adding my button... and this post made me laugh out loud... that was my exact day yesterday except swap tea for coffee.... It seemed to take me hours to get into the studio and get working... the work looks amazing... and the show on Oct 12 is going to be a huge hit because it is my birthday and only good things happen on my birthday!!!!

  2. Distractions are everywhere, aren't they? Sometimes when I begin to write, distractions arise with determination. Your bird is pretty, keep on painting.

  3. Hi Lynn,
    Loving the charming bird pieces ~ they have an oriental feel!!! Keep working. You rock :)
    xo A

  4. Your painting look great. I had to laugh a little about the coffee bit. My hubby always tries to switch up the coffee. Like I am not going to notice after about 2 hours that I am not drinking caffeine. Hey I need my caffeine and my body and head will tell me when I am not getting it.

    Best of luck to you at your shows..


  5. Pretty things you have going there! Yes it is hard to get motivated sometimes, and coffee usually helps. Usually. I just drank a cup at 2pm and fell asleep, lol.

  6. What a fabulous post! I am right there with you about the music- that has gotten me moving at times when even caffeine won't. You have beautiful artwork and you photograph it so well! Thanks for such a fun post!

  7. everything you do is gorgeous! I need to get to work myself today... too much time on here but I needed to play catch up... again. Today is sewing sachets, I think I will listen to my list on pandora. Thanks for the idea! t.xoxo