Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Ramblings

Welcome to Friday Ramblings. 
The day where I let loose my thoughts and general ideas. Within reason.

Let's begin, shall we?

A word of advice:
When you have two art shows coming up and all your insecurities are pouring out on your art floor, it's probably not the best time to begin a remodel. 
Not a big remodel, just the lighting in the kitchen and family room, new countertops in the kitchen and painting the cupboards. And then painting the house inside. Then moving furniture in that has been sitting in the garage for nine months. Oh, and cleaning the carpets. Ummm...and putting new faucets in upstairs in the bathroom. Maybe squeezing in a new vanity in the downstairs bathroom. 
Not a big remodel, really. It's not like we are knocking down walls. Just half of my kitchen ceiling.
Please. Let me live in this bubble. It will be good.

Art and Fear
Observations On The Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking
By David Bayles and Ted Orland.

Probably a book that is saving my sanity right now. I would advise getting it and reading it with a highlighter.

We went to the first home football game last week. It was 104 degrees. I guess I won't rush to bring blankets and jackets to the game tonight. Is it o.k. to bring a fan? Kinda not the fall look, but we do what we need to do out here in sunny So. Cal.

Miss Brenna loves football. Adores it. Her favorite team is Greenbay, all though when Mr. Favre moved to the Jets, it was a bit of an adjustment. Now that he is retired, it's even more confusing. 

Miss Brenna loves her mighty Eagles just as much as the team from the land of cheese and somehow at last week's game, I heard her voice over the loudspeaker screaming, "GO EAGLES!!!!!" How she got up there was beyond me, considering kids are not allowed up by the announcer. When I asked her how she got up there, she said, "I couldn't see the football game, so I moved up there."
Duh, mom.

Why is it, when a cold hits the family, there are times it takes three weeks to get rid of it? Why can't we get it all at once and not one person per week, Mom being the last of the mohicans?

We found new chew marks on the door frame that leads into the garage. Deep gouges made by a frantic animal who was left alone for no more than an hour.
I think new door molding will be added to the remodel list.

Did you know there is a diagnosis for this? It's called extreme separation anxiety. It might be fixed by doggie prozac if I want to spend $60 a month on a prescription. I'm thinking it will be cheaper to do this rather than repair another door frame. There is some training that needs to be done along with the medication. Like showing your dog how to play by it's self. Or leaving the house for one minute increments and coming back to let the dog know it won't die from separation. Then you graduate to two minute increments and five minutes, and so on.
Uh huh. I'll get right on that.
I think Miss Party needs to be reassured I'm not looking for an alternative living arrangement at the moment.

I will also end on a word of advice...
When your contractor finds the Jasmine vine that is growing OUTside the wall of your kitchen INside the kitchen ceiling while putting in the new lighting, it might be time to pop the bubble.


  1. Sounds like a LOT going on there, Lynn...but it will be good when it's done! I sure love the way you write, girl! Feel better soon! XO

  2. Lynn, It's like I am sitting in your kitchen with a cup of coffee in my hand! (minus the vines falling on our heads)(and not smelling paint fumes) Love ya!

  3. Maybe if you show Miss Party how to take Prozac by taking it yourself and sharing it with her...? I have this nice quiet apartment you can run away to for one night if you need to ... when the a/c is fixed...

  4. I love this ramble so much it made my cheeks hurt from laughing...not at you but with you ;)

    How does one grow vines inside the ceiling of a house? AMAZING!!!

    Oh I think I am having separation anxiety this week too...LOL poor prozac puppies out there in the world, how sad or I guess how even tone(doesn't it just make you calm and not feel?)

    Miss Brenna!!! Oh you go girl, have fun at the game tonight.
    This heat does not say welcome Autumn at all nor does it make football cozy and all hot chocolatey
    Hope all is better soon!!!!

  5. WOW.. After reading about your busy life I might need some of that prozac. Hee Hee.. Not really. You know I love to read your weekly rambles..


  6. Awwww your poor pooch!! That training sounds tough but may be worth the hard work! Good luck with. All the changes! Hang

  7. sometimes our lives sound very similar... the anxiety ridden pooch... the never ending remodel... the madness and noise of family... and of course the dreaded three week colds... my Gran had a saying that a cold is always three weeks as it is a week in coming a week in staying and a week to leave and you should never rush it out or it will come back.... and as usual she was pretty right if our house is anything to go by... hope everyone gets better soon... especially the pooch... we actually got Mushu a cat cave house thingy when he was little and popped him in with a wheatpack wrapped in one of Phantom's t shirts so that he could smell her and then put a towel over the door part so he was all safe and quiet... then when he was used to it we would pop him in there before we went out... worked a treat... good luck...xx

  8. Oh, my gosh... I'm in hysterics over here!! Hmmm... is that a bad thing, now that I think of it? Not trying to enjoy myself at your expense but you sure do have a great sense of humor! My solution to problems similar to yours, on the house remodel end of things, is to sell the house before any more problems rear their ugly heads. Trying to convince the husband that that is good idea. So far, he's not falling for it! Oh, well. A girl can try, can't she? Now where is that address book that has all the names of my repair people??!!

  9. Hi Lynn,
    You always make me smile and that's a good thing! Wow, you do like to have a lot going on...or maybe you don't like it but life is always dishing it up for us. Hoping you make it through sanely :)
    Have a great week or an insanely wonderful one!
    xo~ A

  10. What a remodeling project on top of everything else! Good thing you have kept your sense of humor!