Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Big Reveal

I'm so happy to show you what Brenna and I have completed.
It has been a labor of love and learning.

On each canvas,
 Brenna has transferred her hearts over and over on several layers, and each painting includes one of her original drawings.  I then followed up with layers of paint and inks, pieces from vintage children's books and free motion sewing on vintage sewing patterns. Each are a 12x12 canvas, 3/4 in. thick, suitable for framing if you wish.
She is quite happy with the result, as am I!

"With Love, no. 1"
turquoise background, some purple and muted yellows.
heart is a soft red with a touch of coral.

Sold!!! thanks so much, Cheralyn!!!! xo

Now what to do with them?

Brenna and I have decided that 100% of the proceeds of each painting sold will go to the National Down Syndrome Society, via Kelle Hampton for her fundraising efforts in honor of her daughter's birthday. Nella's Triple Crown is a huge celebration to raise awareness for our kids. For more info, click HERE.

"Love You"
 turquoise background, heart is a strong red, with hues of magenta.

Thank you, Kathleen!

Brenna and I are offering up each 12x12 canvas for $120.00. Should you become the proud owner of a canvas, the shipping will be included. (Unless outside the U.S.-then I will research shipping charges and let you know the extra cost.) 
Please contact me via EMAIL (see side bar on the right) should you wish to purchase a painting or have any further questions.
apparently my contact button is not working. Until it is fixed, you can email me at:

"With Love no. 2"
Turquoise background, just a splash or two of pink and soft, soft yellow in the back. The heart is a soft red with some coral hues.

It's a win-win project.
You own a lovely painting, research and advocacy for children and adults with Down Syndrome is advanced and, well, to be honest, there will be a big smile on the faces of two people over here.


  1. They are beautiful Lynn--great job the two of you did! It's also amazing that you are donating the profits--you are inspiring.


  2. Hi Lynn and Brenna,
    Congratulations on your beautiful work. Your hearts are joyful and you are both inspiring that you are donating the proceeds to such a wonderful cause.
    Wishing you the best of luck.

  3. These are beautiful! You both did such a wonderful job!

  4. Oh Lynn, these are so beautiful. How wonderful that the two of you collaborated to create these special works of art.

  5. Lynn these are so beautiful and such a wonderful realisation of your collaboration and teamwork... I hope they sell like hotcakes and that you are so overwhelmed with offers that you both have to get busy on some more ...xx

  6. I don't know which I like best, the art or the story.
    I'll call it a tie.

    I need to get caught up at K.H.'s blog. I'm so behind in all of my blog reading that I feel completely out of the loop.

  7. OH WOW! Those are beautiful and what a great idea!!!! No wonder you've been a bit quiet...you've been busy making art and having a grand time! Proud of you both!!!!

    Hugs and purrs,

    "her" and Romeo

  8. These turned out so beautifully...really special! How nice to do them for a wonderful cause, too!

  9. Wonderful paintings Lynn! Love is the right word!!!

  10. You have a lovely blog and a lovely daughter! It is such a wonderful thing to see you two creating together. Your heartfelt artwork is gorgeous!
    What a good cause to benefit!