Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Why is it when I sit down to my computer I can't think of where to begin and when I'm driving or walking or swimming I have a million things running through my head to talk about for Friday? I have tried recording thoughts outloud on my Iphone to use later but I felt so silly I didn't get very far.

Last weekend, the Red Dirt Show was a lot of fun.

setting up camp

Brenna and my husband help me set up, and Brenna took a couple of photos. It was supposed to be 80 degrees that day. Let's just say it wasn't even CLOSE to that temperature, and I about froze. I ended up with an old blanket around me that I use for protecting paintings!

The banner turned out pretty well!

As with all good art shows, a little dumpster diving was included during a quick break.
I wasn't particularly dressed to jump inside a dumpster, so my friend, Aeron gallantly offered to do so.

This is what we hauled away.
Pretty good for an art show, yes?

Chalkboard paint. Talk to me about this.
I used it a million years ago in Brenna's room on a small wall and it went on like a dream.
A few weeks ago, I purchased some chalkboard paint by Valspar and painted it on an old windowpane. 
when I peeled the painter's tape away from the edges, this happened:

nice pattern, but not what exactly what I was hoping for.

The chalkboard paint came off in big strips with the tape.
The paint went on funky, and you could see all the streaks from the brush and it wasn't a thick covering.
It came off easily, so the second time around I tried a primer on the window first and then put the chalkboard paint on. I'll let you know how it turns out.
Have you tried this type of paint on windows? How did it turn out?

photos from a walk in my backyard 

I'm wading through the chapter on trust in the book, "One Thousand Gifts."
Says Ann Voskamp, "God and I, we've long had trust issues."
I think this is where I determined she is my new best friend.
To admit this is one thing, but to put it in writing...

I long for that trust that is implicit.
However, I think my problem is control.
Add in some human nature, a little fear and a dash of anxiety and it's a complete package.

Then the author goes on to say that THANKS build TRUST....and in counting blessings (being thankful) she "stumbled upon the way out of fear."
Where was this chapter during Lent??!

The thing I ended up being thankful for was my kitchen sink.
A little strange, yes, but I really was thankful.

I'm thankful for hot water and soap. I'm thankful for the feel of things coming clean. I like to finish washing things up and knowing that they have a place and that it's a job completed. 

After I finished the dishes, I was scrubbing out the sink, I thought about truth. How it takes a good scrubbing for the truth to come forth. Wiping the grime away and rinsing it off, washing it away and the shiny, clean surface that comes forth.

the roses are just starting to come into bloom..

The shiny surface of realizing I can't control it all.
The beautiful, clean surface of knowing that  standing for truth is a beautiful thing.

Here's the funny part.
The sink needs to be washed out every day.
Sometimes - well, let's be honest. It should be washed out more than once a day!

A reminder to me that every day, I want to start out clean. And that sometimes during the day, it's a good thing to be washed again, to have the grime rinsed away. I think my grime builds up pretty quick during a day. I could wash it away with a prayer. Or a nap.  Maybe a  reminder to breath, a walk, a hug, or giving thanks.

Here's hoping that your weekend has a beautiful surface. 


  1. Your kitchen sink reminds me of a foot washing Bible lesson that I taught during the lent season.
    We are clean, Jesus said, but those feet of ours still need His attention, much like your sink.

    I love that book. It "happened" upon me during a season when I really needed it.

    And I'm just like you about not being able to think what I want to write about when I actually sit down to write.

  2. Hi Lynn! Your booth looks wonderful, the banner is the perfect touch. I commented on your letter to the Glee producers but it was with my phone and it did not want to play nice so it wouldn't post it... I can't remember everything I said but besides giving you a standing ovation, I want to give you a hero badge and the biggest hug ever. I imagine your family is so incredible proud of you, just goes to show that when we feel our precious children are being harmed in any way, the mama bear in you comes out. Don't mess with mama bear. standing ovation. truly. No one could have said it better. Hannah is a Glee fan and she was watching it on netflix the day after you posted and I had to tell her what they were planning. She was appalled, as I knew that she would be and I was. What is wrong with people, where is their moral compass? I hope that they change their minds.
    Your sink analogy is perfection. loved it.
    The prom pics of Brenna and her date were beautiful. I love the sparkle on her dress and in her eyes. Did you do what I have done in the past? Cry as they pull away? I'm a sap.
    Have a wonderful weekend, 1/2 over I know, but enjoy the rest! I have a houseful of 9 or 10 of Hannah's friends, mostly guys because as she puts it "less drama" I get it completely. My oldest daughters friends were mostly guys too and when I rattle my brain hard enough and think back to my HS days... my friends were mostly guys too. The no drama gene doesn't skip a generation apparently.

  3. ohhhh I guess that was my Saturday ramblings :)

  4. Your show looks like a lot of fun (except for the cold part...)and that is such a cute photo of you! I am looking forward to having a little time to read that book!

  5. Hi Lynn,
    Love your comparison and wisdom regarding the everyday sink washing:) It's all a constant process.
    Your booth looks charming and your smile must help with sales....who could turn that down!
    Lovely florals, too. I am so envious of everyone enjoying beautiful warm weather. We're still enveloped in a white world. Mother Nature is seriously messing with our heads. Please send some warmth my way!
    Take care,
    xo A

  6. Hi Lynn, love the calm, beautiful look of your blog and this thoughtful piece you wrote. It was so nice to meet you this weekend. You are a very gifted artist and woman! -Jodi Sloane