Thursday, May 15, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Gift Of Time

After being on a tear for several weeks, my days have come to (somewhat) of a screeching halt.
I have termites to thank.
Many thanks as well to the crappy patch job done on the ceiling in my art room that needs to be redone.

I have spent this week waiting for estimates from exterminators, which brings great anticipation. I'm pretty sure one of them will tell me with the next breeze, my house will crumble around my head. 
So far, all I have gotten is a paper with many numbers on it and the gained knowledge that termites are swarming like crazy in our area this year.
I love gathering information.
Can't ever have enough.

I also love hauling all my art stuff out into my kitchen and working away, enjoying the scent of mud being scraped on the ceiling.
Pretty much I think I can patch it by now.
Useful knowledge, really.

Instead of being on a tear to swim meets, school functions, senior tributes and banquets, I am realizing I still remember how to paint and it's coming hard and fast.

Maybe because I'm realizing I might be packing up the house and moving out for three days while my house is tented and I will spend those two days in a coma out by the hotel pool.

Too bad margaritas and heat make me sick, otherwise that would be in the mix.
Great. Now that I know my husband reads this blog I'm in big trouble with that last statement. 
Honey, be glad the coma will not be alcohol induced.
Just the usual exhaustion induced coma.
Sun screen helps. Large amounts of chlorinated water helps.
 Pretty much, I can get high on the smell of a rubber raft and sunshine because it makes me so blessedly happy.

I think I need to stop now.
Plus, another exterminator is coming to give me an estimate. 
Happy Friday.

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  1. wonderful artwork.-- makes me really happy to look at! Happy coma at the POOL!


  2. Wonderful Art! Good luck with your exterminators!

  3. Sorry about the termites, doesn't sound fun. Keep going with your wonderful art! Valerie

  4. Your art is beautiful. Sorry to hear about the termites but comatose by a hotel pool sounds like a pretty good way to deal with it!

  5. It sounds awful Lynn, hope they fix everything. Love your beautiful pages. Happy PPF, Annette x


  6. Your art is very beautiful even if your life isn't at this moment!! Best of luck with those pests!!
    Try to find a few moments of joy during this trying time!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Oh no.
    That's one of Debbie's 4,728 phobias.
    It's not that I'm afraid of the termites themselves, of course. It's that I am afraid of the BILL that comes along with the lousy little buggers.

  8. Oh My Gosh Lynn! With all the work done on your house the last couple years..... Yuk! Come to Ohio for a few days? We have antique stores!

  9. Ohhhhh Sorry about the termites. Your art is beautiful though and sitting by a pool with warm sun. Wish I could join you. We could have Margaritas in the evening when it was cooler. LOL
    Good luck with everything.

  10. Love love love your art and your words!!!!

  11. Beautiful work and enjoy the pool!

  12. Beautiful work and enjoy the pool!

  13. Hope everything gets fixed soon! Your bird art is so gorgeous!

  14. Beautiful artwork, Lynn! Hope they get that termite situation under control...enjoy that coma lol.

  15. Those birds are gorgeous. Maybe they could fly off the background and eat all those termites. Good luck with them.

  16. Sorry about your termite troubles. Hope it is not as bad as you think it might be. Good luck.
    Love your art.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  17. So sorry to hear about your Termite problem. I do hope you get it all worked out.

    Your Art work looks awesome my friend.


  18. Looks like you're on a great roll with the painting, Lynn! Glad you're enjoying that form of creative bliss.
    Hmmm....termites, living in the frigid north that is one problem I haven't encountered. Hope the extermination goes well. Chillin' by the pool sounds pretty nice to me :)
    xo A

  19. I love your bird-paintings - very cute :)