Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello, Fifty Three

I was at a store yesterday, treating myself to a little pre-birthday present.
Under those hideous fluorescent lights, I began the horrible realizations of aging. As I bent over to examine what had happened to my legs over the last year, I began the descent into being hyper-critical of myself.

I tossed everything back and burst through the doors into the fresh air. As the glow of the fluorescent lights faded, I came to a realization:


 I gave myself two minutes of mourning my aging legs, and began finding positive words.
Going with it, I have written my own manifesto. 

Here goes:

This year, I will continue to gather.

I will find art each day. 
I will find it in the simple things, I will create it. I will make it happen and I will share it.

I will buy some chicks, feed them, keep them warm and nurture them into giving us fresh eggs.

I will always wear sunscreen. Sunshine is meant to be enjoyed in vast quantities, preferably in or near water.
I might even wear a hat.
I will look at my legs that I have inherited from my father and stand up for them. I won't hide them away, but I will protect them just a little more. 
I will begin yoga and return to swimming. 
I refuse to be a hardbody.

I will say thank you every day and keep record of things I am grateful for. 
I will tell my family that I love them with words and actions.

I will practice spiritual white space. 
I will raise my hands when I sing and lift my face up to the One who desires to infuse great joy to my life. I will remind myself that every single day, there are new mercies waiting for me.
Every day.

I will continue to dance in my kitchen and list my favorite songs and REVEL in their variety. 

Best of all,

I will throw my head back and laugh as many times as possible and for as long as I need to.
I will not say no to tears.
I will seek wise counsel. 
I will be willing:
To learn
To say I don't know
To ask for help
I will not fall apart at disapproval.

I will make every effort to be nice to myself when I just cannot seem to get all my sh*t together and my brain has ceased to be young and fresh and I am hot for no reason. 
Because this will pass.


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  1. awesome manifesto... and a hugest happiest birthday wish is speeding your way... I hope it is a magical day and that you are spoiled like no body else has been in a long time... and if that doesn't happen then I hope that you at least have great fun and get to eat chocolate!!! Fabulous post

  2. That is the best birthday manifesto that I've read. Beautiful, meaningful and heart felt. thanks for writing it - I know I will plagiarize you for my upcoming birthday, because you said it so well. M.x

  3. Happy 53 and a lovely page you made too!

  4. Happy Birthday !
    Good thoughts !
    Good resolutions!
    A lovely page!
    Happy PPF!

  5. aging-smeging... when we are 80 we will think we were pretty good looking girls "back then: to this date... lol
    Plus, like my father in law used to say, the alternative is not being around :op
    Have a wonderful beautiful and happy cake-day!

  6. Beautiful sentiments!!! Happy Birthday to you!! I am so glad you are growing the positive and discarding the negative!! Good job!! Great way to change your thoughts which change your life!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Yay! Go girl! I might even get round to some skipping, inspired by your lovely art :)

  8. Absolutely to it all and double amen, I'm right there with you! My mom is 81 and takes care of the elderly. Really! She says these birthdays are just numbers. There must be something to her way of thinking so I'm signing on. And I like you 53 page!

  9. Happy Birthday...you go girl. You can do it!

  10. Happy, happy birthday!! Wonderful post!!

  11. Love it - every word. And the picture too! Happy birthday to you!!

  12. Happy birthday -- your sentiments are a wonderful way to start a new year of life.

  13. This is fantastic! What wise words you have shared. I am also 53, and you have definitely made me see things in a new light :) Happy Birthday.

  14. Happy Birthday. You've come a long way baby. Wow! You have some great ideas. I am only 44 and I am already terrified of cell phones. Is it just me or do they through hideous shadows on your face??? Your artwork is so cheerful! You are right: I will not fall apart at disapproval. Happy PPF

  15. What wonderful thoughts! Happy birthday! I love your bright and cheerful art!

  16. I love all of your beautiful thoughts and your lovely artwork! It really is important to stay open, positive and growing. And I guarantee when you are older, you will look back and realize just how strong and beautiful you were at 53...hot flashes just blind you to it a little. Happy Birthday, Lynn!