Friday, March 6, 2015

Menopause and Feathers

I don't really know what Menopause and feathers have to do with each other, but that's pretty much what sums up my brain right now and therefore is blog fodder.

Also, my computer is fixed!!!! 
A word to the wise:
When Apple tells you to install new RAM, they may or may not forget to tell you that the PRAM needs to be reset. Don't even ask me what a PRAM is. I don't know, nor do I care. Nope, I don't. 

All though I probably should because the guys at another computer store told me I needed to replace the hard drive, then told me the processor was out and I needed a new computer.
So, maybe I do care about the PRAM. 
Onward on my newly reset computer.....

I'm on a roll with birds and feathers in the art department.
My newest Pinterest board is slowly but surely gaining steam as I pin whatever I can find on birds and feathers.
Doing this also seems to calm my menopausal brain.
My first obsession was with pheasant feathers.

Done in a loose fashion here, I actually like it paired with the soft pinks. Which is unusual, as I am not a pink sorta gal.

Which makes me laugh as I look at this next picture with the large red-pink circle on this page of a practice art journal.

Then, I saw a gorgeous photo of a peacock. You know the kind of photo-it looks better than the real bird.
Aaaannnddd, I was off and running.
The colors!
They would be better on that pink practice journal.

I used my Caran D'Arche crayons and thought to myself,

"Can life get any better? I'm COLORING for crying out loud."

I bet in some medical journal some doctor wrote a journal article proving that Coloring and feathers help menopause brain. 

So does Wild Orange essential oil, cutting out sugar, and a husband who doesn't mind if I am "raw", but that's for another type of blog.
This blog is about coloring.

Just so I can prove I don't have dementia, I remembered an outing with my middle sister as I was coloring.
 I can't remember where we were, nor can I recall what we were doing. BUT.

I can remember it involved a peacock and that my sister and the peacock had the most amazing conversation. 
Somehow, my sister picked up on speaking peacock, and whenever the bird would make a noise, my sister would make some back, with lots and lots of enthusiasm and that silly bird kept responding for what seemed like an eternity.
I think we were supposed to take him home, but somehow that got lost in translation.

Either that or my mother kiboshed the idea.
She wouldn't let me keep a horse in the front yard, either.

And yes. Kibosh is a word in the dictionary.
Your welcome.

O.K., gotta go and draw more feathers to help my brain.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Nice postings -- love the peacock feathers!

  2. I love when you show up ! I've been using pink lately too and have no idea where that came from but embracing it!

  3. Lovely feathers, hope the other problems soon get righted! Valerie

  4. here from AJED-when you're menopausal you just do whatever it takes:) Wonderful artwork, and I LOVE the peacock feathers!

  5. You are so talented, Lynn...I just love seeing what you are up to...

  6. Oh wow, those peacock feathers are gorgeous!

  7. If feathers and bird work, I say go for it. You certainly made some beautiful heartfelt pieces.

  8. Menopause brain or not, you are such fun to read.

  9. Beautiful feathers - especially the peacock ones. I didn't know they helped with those pesky hormones. Perhaps I should give it a try :)

  10. Gorgeous handwriting!! I also love your layering technique.

  11. This is the very reason you need older friends!! They can tell you this is only temporary and I promise you are not going crazy!! I always wondered why no one warned me I would forget what I ate for dinner and where I laid my keys and have no way of tracing back to it. Meaning it would feel blank. Then my friend went through the same thing. Don't worry it's like your computer is overloaded and you have to delete some of the minutiae to make room for more!! lol Sadly it's a rights of passage...and then a bit later you get to pass the torch to your girls...it's a process!! Love love love your feathers and story about your sister!! And yes I grew up with the word kibosh!! Love it!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. A fine feathered post my friend. You had me smiling.. Fabulous Art work..


  13. I am with you on the menopause thing... I remember there was a time when my brain was sharp and shiny, and I remember my name at all times and don't even get me started on the joys of dry skin, and hot flashes, and lack of sleep... and while the docs keep saying it is great news as less oestrogen means better survival chances, I swear I would like to poke them in the eye just a bit...or at least I would if I could remember that I was annoyed at them... awesome to hear I am not alone lol

  14. Lynn, super fine painting of peacock feathers! I am inspired to try my hand at them now. I have a whole bunch of the feathers in a vase. My dh used to tie fishing flies using them.