Thursday, March 19, 2015

Opening My Eyes and Throwing In The Towel.

Spring Break has sprung and honestly?
I'm over it.
It just hasn't been one of our best. 
In fact, I call it a perfect storm.
A husband working two weeks straight, a sick child, disappointments, frustrations, a child barfing everywhere due to antibiotics, a heat wave, a big no- well, you get the idea.

I'm not one to whine. 
But for crying out loud.

There were a couple of highlights..

Brenna made cake pops with a friend and I ate a lot of them.
We went bowling.

How is it, though, in the midst of such a storm it's a struggle to see the good? 
Maybe that's just the nature of a storm.

art journal done in left over gelli print paint, anthropologie magazine cut out and vintage sheet music.

I tried going through my manifesto, a little art journaling, turning up the music, sleeping in, coffee, you name it.

I gave up last Sunday and stayed home from church and took coffee outside and dug into a fabulous article written by Emily P. Freeman, entitled "When Your Heartbeat Feels Like A Drumbeat".
In the post, Emily talks about longing and limitations and meeting Jesus at the intersection of the two.
It stopped me in my tracks (at the intersection) and had me re - thinking a lot and just plain thinking.

Even though there have been multiple times I have thrown in the towel on the day over the last two weeks, the post has opened my eyes and heart in ways I was just not expecting, and kind of redeemed the last few days in a hard but beneficial way. In a bending metal with your bare hands good kind of way. Not really the throwing confetti good kind of way. But good.

Maybe Spring Break hasn't been a total wash.
 But holy moly, I'll be glad to see next week.

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  1. I am here to tell you one day you will laugh at this time, or the very least feel good that you went through it. Maybe even miss it a little once the kids grow up. I wish mine were still little... :o).
    Beautiful page!

  2. Hope things soon get better! Valerie

  3. My daughter has had the exact same kind of week as you... wow it trickles down on all of us! This is a time when you truly need to resort to faith. Faith that everything will get better in time. Or settle for the mantra, "This too shall pass!" Thinking of those less fortunate...I know it's difficult!! I find a pile of things to be thankful for and write them down in the midst of the chaos. I used to turn on the world vision channel...boy it would snap me out of my funk. All the best and a big hug to you!! Wishing you a happier weekend!!


  4. Lynn, I love this post!!! The journal is very creative. I just love those paradigm shifts. You have inspired me <3

  5. I can relate. More super cold temperatures, a little more snow, hole in my favorite sweater, sick of sweaters, sick of wintery weather, sick of getting up so early...anyhow, not to complain to you, but I know exactly how frustrating it can be right now. Beautiful piece. Hope your days improve and things get better.

  6. I love it when I read something at just the perfect moment for the words to help me the most. I've been known to throw in the towel a time or two... and then I have to go pick it up, launder it, and get ready for the next challenge. because there's always a next challenge. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. love your art journal page. happy PPF.

  8. What an inspiring and wonderful post, Lynn! We all need to step back and view the big picture sometimes. I love your art here with the hymn that is a perfect fit. Wishing for you health for the whole family and a happy week ahead.

  9. I really like the layers in your journal. I feel I could pick up those balloons, so 3D.

  10. Wonderful post! Sounds like a little slice of "real life"! Don't we all have those days - especially as wives and mothers - when we want to throw the laundry out the window and run away from home? Sometimes we just have to force ourselves to see how truly happy and blessed we are - amidst all of the chaos that is real life. Wishing you way more good in the coming weeks :)

  11. I have felt that way from time to time.. I blame it on my Menopause. I have never had such ups and downs in my life till now. At least none that I remember. Your page looks wonderful my friend.


  12. Hope you are doing better, Lynn! The only thing about a week like that...you sure appreciate the good weeks! xoxo