Monday, August 31, 2009

Beginning Another Monday

Mornin', all!

Let's see...today I thought I'd show you some fun things I picked up while at the Pomona Antique Mall. My friend, Debbie from Scrapping Lounge took me there on Friday last week. I had a project to work on at her store, but I forgot my glasses and couldn't see a thing!! So her sweet daughter manned the store and we escaped for an hour or so.
Debbie has a favorite stall at the Antique Mall where everything is $1.00. Yep, you heard right-one dollar!! I was all over it. Places like this fascinate me. Where did this seller get all this stuff?? It looked like someone had gone to a billion estate sales, emptied out desk drawers into boxes and then put it in the Antique Mall to sell. I LOVE rooting around to find things so this was a blast!
I found a 1937 Sunset Magazine, the 1957/58 Catalogue of the National Ballet of Canada, and the April, 1921 Magazine of The Modern Priscilla.

From the Sunset Magazine:

Ha! I remember the first time I tried to make gravy. It seriously looked like Alpo. Yes, I have improved since then...

Do we ever get over this horrible condition??

Here are some pictures from the Canadian Ballet-get ready, they are a little scary!

Here is the front page of the "Modern Priscilla":

Why, I do believe Miss Priscilla was a blogger of sorts. Here is an excerpt from her magazine:
"Just now it seems to me I must have a loom...." "There are my cunning parchment candle-shades that I can't wait to finish, a pair of candle sticks to be my first attempt at the lovely lustre painting."

She then adds, "It is a joyful but purse-emptying job, this building a PRISCILLA magazine..."

Some things never change-decorating, the love of crafting and building something we want to see happen.

Have a great Monday!

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