Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend while my husband was slaving away at a triathalon, we girls went to the pumpkin patch! (A much better idea, if I do say so.) It was a beautiful day, with a change in the weather that made it really seem like fall. We have, in the past,  gone to the pumpkin patch on a very warm day, and it just is so not right when it is 80+ degrees. But I digress...

This is Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch. (And Christmas Tree Farm.) It is just before Yucaipa, which is on the way to another favorite stop, Oak Glen, which is where we pick apples. And have apple pie. With ice cream. And buy apple cobbler. And roasted corn on the cob. Oh. Sorry. Pumpkins...

This is Brenna and one of her bestest friends, Janelle. They have known each other for almost forever. Janelle has stuck by B through thick and thin, ups and downs (ha ha) and all of life. We just love her so much.  Janelle has said for the longest time that she would like to own and run a school for kids with special needs. I think she would be fabulous at it.

First stop, the petting zoo. First, let me tell you how different my two girls are. Lauren will not go near a petting zoo. No way. She doesn't like goats. At all. Or chickens. Or sheep for that matter. Brenna, on the other hand loves the petting zoo and has gotten pretty darn good at feeding the animals. She didn't even blink this year when a goat put his front hooves on her chest for more food. Janelle would own and run a farm if she could. She raises chickens for eggs and sells the eggs! She would love to get a goat and a pig. No wonder she and B get along so well.

"Hey, Ralph, do ya think it's our turn to eat?"

Such a sweet friendship.


Oh, yeah and all the pumpkins!!!!!!!

Good advice.

Hey, that's not a pumpkin.

Oh, I SO did not say that, did I?

Have a great day!


  1. The pics of Brenna and her friend bring back memories of being a teenage girl and basically having an extra "sister" around 24/7. What beautiful girls!
    Oh and the Llama is rather handsome :-)

  2. Holy cow! I think I would've freaked out if a goat did that to me; Brenna is way more daring than I am! Love the sheep picture--makes me think of the animals revolting in Animal Farm. :)

  3. Such wonderful pics!! I love the blue pumpkin!! I hope that man didn't see you taking the pic of his belly!!! :) I love it!!!!!!

    ~ Wendy