Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet and Sinister, part 1

A while back, I posted that I was joining in on a swap called "Sweet and Sinister". I have had a blast making fun items for my swap partner, Susan Reaney. Who knew I would forge a new friendship through the swap as well?
 Suz is a dear, sweet woman. I have been blessed beyond belief to get to know her through email about this swap. She just seems to have a "sense",  if you will, of who people are and what they like and how to make them smile! She has an
etsy.com (go to this link and pick "sellers" and enter the name Katsui) shop that you will want to visit. The name of the store is Katsui. Together, Suz and her daughter are talented artists in the arena of  jewelry making. 
O.K. The first (!) box arrived. I was SOOOOO way excited. What was in it? What fabulous things awaited me from my new friend??? The first beautiful item was this:

Silly me, the box was for BRENNA!!!!  Brenna, of course was excited beyond, well just beyond! And here is the kicker: one of our nicknames for Brenna is Brenna-Boo. There is a whole song that goes along with it!
Next came the candy!

Brenna took this to school for "snack". (yes, I sent something else to eat besides candy.) When she got home, she told me she couldn't find the sucker at snack time and it made her cry. (I KNOW. I felt awful for her.) As she dug through her backpack to get out her homework, guess what she found? YES!! The sucker. So she took it for snack today. Yay.

"Oooh, mom, I LOVE these!!"

Such concentration!

Then,  "along came a spider who sat down beside her and frightened poor ACE away!!!"

Thank you, Suz, for so much fun!


  1. What fun!!
    Has Brenna ever had the candy neclaces before? I know they.. and the wax teeth are an all time favorite over here! :)

    Awesome making friends through blogging!!

  2. Ooh, I love those candy dots but haven't seen them in years!