Monday, October 25, 2010

Kindness Arrives In The Mail

Don't you love getting mail?
I have a friend that loves to go out to her mail box each day. She says it's like Christmas every time she goes. I love that attitude!
Today Brenna got a little "Christmas" in the mail from my friend,

Brenna likes mail...

Inside was the promised recipe for baking a pumpkin pie!

Brenna poured over each page.

Every single step has been photographed and each photo comes with instructions in big, bold type.

How does one explain kindness like this?
It is a blessing that we will receive and treasure.

Thank you, Susan, for sending such kindness in the mail.
Much love,


  1. The kindness of others, never fails to touch my heart. Susan is a wonderful person and I am grateful she is in our lives.
    Enjoy your book Brenna.

  2. What a great friend!

  3. What a great gift! I love pumpkin pie. It can be considered breakfast food right?

  4. Hi Lynn,

    I'm so glad that Brenna is happy with her recipe pages. Next time I'm going to do something much simpler...maybe "cheater cake."

    And, yes! Pumpkin pie is definitely breakfast food. Um, maybe we shouldn't let Brenna know or she may just want to swap out her "Wheaties" forever. Hee Hee!


  5. I had wondered if she got it yet. I agree that it's one of the nicest things I've seen in a long time.

    Good people. They really are everywhere if we look.

  6. What a thoughtful gift! I bet Brenna can hardly wait to bake the pie (which is my very favorite, by the way!!).

  7. That is wonderful I remember when Susan said she was going to do this. So special. Did you sign up for the giveaway on my blog yet? I think you did...
    Just well after seven days really sick. So much to do...breathe...just breathe!
    Love you, Sweetie!

  8. So happy for Brenna to have such a special gift. Blog friends seem to just keep getting better and better.

  9. The book turned out so cute! Hope Brenna has lots of fun with it!

  10. That was so sweet.. She did a wonderful job on that book.. It is always fun to get mail..

    Hope you have a happy day..

  11. How fun and exciting and such a great gift to receive in the mail. Happy baking Brenna.
    April @ HomeHinges.com
    P.S. I just added your button to our site because you are so inspirational and we all need a little of that every once in a while.

  12. Oh my goodness, how sweet. I love blog friends:) By the way, I have loved getting mail since I was 18 yrs. old and moved into my first place. To this day, my hubby laughs at me because I love getting my mail every single day.

  13. Hi Lynn! Thanks so much for sharing this with us this week! I hopped over to Susan's blog and left her a comment too. It was so very thoughtful of her and really just blew me away! I think it is so important that we have these connections in blogland that go beyond decorating and recipes and really get to the heart of our lives! :-)

  14. This post is chock full of sweet inspiration! I love it!

  15. I'm with Brenna, I {heart} mail too, always have even before mixed media blog days!

    Such a sweet and fun post with your precious smiling baker!

  16. What a sweet friend! And I have to agree, I love getting mail!

  17. That was the sweetest post! I can't wait to see the pie. Hope all is well! Have a great weekend.

  18. How sweet! I love getting the mail as well. My whole family thinks I am a little nutty because I get excited when the mail comes.
    I love pumpkin pie too!
    Maybe Brenna should make her own cookbook.