Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Life

Here's my reality check for the day.
 I am trying to figure out what I can get done in the next 45 minutes. 'Cause, you know, 45 minutes is 45 minutes and I should be able to cram something into it, right? RIGHT? 
So, here is what I am thinking of attempting:

1. Clean up the art room, because I can't even walk through it.
2. Make a new soup recipe and take pictures of it to post on Vanessa's blog on Saturday.
3. Take pictures to show you of some cute pumpkins I put under glass because I actually decorated a little for fall.
4. Post about the ridiculously fun time Doug and I had playing in a golf tournament. (No. I do NOT play golf, which made the day even funnier.)
5. Realizing I really need to pay some bills for the end of the month.
6. That darn dishwasher needs unloading again.
7. Get ready to take Brenna to a dr.s appt. (in 45 minutes) to check her scoliosis, and hope that it has stayed in position since taking off the brace.
8. Figure out dinner after dr. appt.
9. Go back to school where we will sit through j.v and varsity volleyball games while Brenna does her water girl duties.
10. Get home at 8 or so and look at this list again and realize I didn't get anything done.
11. Give thanks that tomorrow is a new day.

How's everyone else doing???


  1. yoiks I am exhausted with that very fine list you made Lynn ;)
    Happy Almost Weekend!

  2. I try to stay away from list cause I get stressed when I can't finish them.. But like you said there is alway a new day.. Blogging for 45 min. sounds good to me.. He he.

    Hope you are haveing a good week..

    Hugs, Linda

  3. Okie dokie... so it's about 9:00 EST. How's the list going?

    I'm planning a soup for Vanessa's party too. Isn't there a quote about insanity being defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

    Yeah, well here I am planning to cook for blogland again. Good luck with that, Debbie!

  4. Not too well Lynn. #5 hit me this week when I realized I didn't pay the water bill. I paid it online tonight and fingers crossed we have water in the morning. I completely lost track of the days.
    #1. make a list
    #2. look at calender more

  5. So true FRIEND!!!
    It is unbelieveable how fast 45 minutes can go by! I'll tell you how my day can actually go by...
    I can be 'stuck' playin on the computer, blogging, reading other blogs, researching, making shutterfly photobooks, then OMG! I look at the clock & it's 2pm & I'm still in jammies!
    I then go into crazy Lucy overdrive!
    I run & change my clothes, throw a brush through my hair, throw in a load of laundry, run to the sink & do the dishes by hand in lightening time & put them away. I then run through the house like Wonderwomen, straightening everything, make bed, clear kitchen table, empty trash, throw a meal in the microwave, wipe the dribble of sweat from my brow, look at the clock & it's 3pm! I sit down on the couch, put my computer back on my lap, take a deep breath as hubby drives up & parks. He comes in the house & says, "The house looks great & dinner smells good!", a peck on the cheek & off he goes to change his clothes, thinking I had worked my ass off all day to accomplish this marvelous feat. LOL
    Fake it till ya make it is my motto!
    Do you want to meet down the hill next week for lunch??? I want to bring you down your items that were left & some pretty bottle I have!! Let me know friend!
    :) Susie

  6. Saw this post AFTER I read the next one so I know you didn't get a lot done on your list but there's always another day.

    My older daughter wore a brace for five years for her scoliosis. Hope all is well with Brenna and hers.

  7. Now THIS ia waaaaaaay tooo busy. Just sit back and put your feel up and relax! And then send us some soup (you could can some for us) after you invent that new recipe!!!

    Busy,busy, busy!