Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blog Friends.

Here is what I am learning about Blogland.

First of all, You all take my breath away.
The kindness is beyond anything I have seen.
There is a strong, strong sense of community.
Laughter and creativity abound.
If one ever utters the word "help" one had better mean it, because there might be something or someone on your front porch ringing your doorbell to see if one is all right.
the word "wish".
As in, 
I wish there were cookbooks with big, easy to read words and numbers. And step by step pictures. With recipes for items other than pizza.

Because, someone might say to themselves, "Hey. I bet I could do that..."
And then they do.
That someone would be the sweetest Susan.
Hop over to her site and see what I mean.
I'll wait for you.
See what I mean???!!!
She is funny, considerate and fabulously talented.
Susan is an example to me that during the times I think out loud on this blog, I find out it's o.k. 
It's o.k. to be frustrated, not quite knowing how to navigate some of life's roads, but still trying to have fun and blog about it along the way.
And as I do, we connect over and over, realizing we have so much to offer each other. 

I think Brenna and I might need to have you all over for pie.


  1. Hi Lynn,

    I just got home from a very soggy and very cold (47 degrees)and windy (NNW @15 mph) antique fair and logged on to see that you had posted and it instantly warmed my heart. Now I just need to work on the fingers and toes.

    I so happy to do something so small to help someone, or more accurately two someone's, who regularly make me smile. Thanks for the mention and the link to my blog.

    By the way, those photos of Splash in your last post just crack me up.

    Love you too!

  2. Lynn and Susan,
    What a beautiful example of the kindness and generosity in Blogland. Susan, I thought you did a wonderful job.

    Hugs to you both. I am very touched.


  3. Great post! What a wonderfully kind thing Susan did. That is blogging at it's finest!

  4. Yep, Lynn, you hit on one of my favorite things about blogland. It seems like if you send out a distress call, there's a St. Bernard wagging up in no time.

    Wait. Did I just call your friend a dog? Because that wasn't the intent. Oh well...

    BTW, the pumpkin in that recipe over there reminded me to say that thanks to a head's up from here, I'm stocking up on pumpkin when I see it. But Heavens to Betsy... it's nearly two bucks a can. Good grief.