Saturday, October 16, 2010

What is up with this house???

My sweet husband went to get some bread out of the bread basket the other day.

Not a big deal, right?
Don't forget whose house we are talking about. 
The house that the dog likes to party in.
The house that the birds descend on-and in.

Now, getting bread should not provoke some movement in the basket, right?

 Unless you are in our house, where, for some strange reason, outside creatures prefer the inside of our little abode.

Like this guy.
I did wonder what was more strange...
finding a lizard in your breadbasket or running like a madwoman to get the camera to take pictures of the lizard and show it to all your blog friends?

He really, really liked the basket.
Notice the tail? Or, rather, the missing tail?
We found it a few days later.

It was by the front screen door. Yep. We figured out he must have gotten in through the front door and was in between the screen and the door at the wrong time and off came his tail.
Oh, dear. 
I hope he likes the back yard better.

I am off to the race this weekend. The water temperature is a whopping 66.9 degrees. Whooo hoo!
Have a great weekend!


  1. That is so crazy Lynn! I would have been screaming!

  2. How funny the part about you looking for the camera to show us! I needed that laugh.

  3. Only a blogger would be running around looking for a camera. We live in Central Florida so the little lizards are always getting in the house. He looks pretty big though!

  4. I am FREAKIN OUT!!! I would have screamed & ran as fast as I could out of that crazy house & gettin a camera...no, not me, tooooo scarey! LOL
    When I 1st saw it I thought it was a snake & got really freaked out, thank god it was only a lizard! I probably would have had to move...
    I'd rather have a bear in the yard then a snake in the cupboard, ok lizard, whatever...reptile, YIKES! I'm STILL freakin out!
    Running away as fast as I can,

  5. There is NO WAY I'm commenting on this one. I'm assuming no ER visit was necessary and all involved did not believe it might have rabies :-)))

  6. Too funny, Lynn!! It makes me smile to think of you running for the camera!! It is such a bloggy thing to do!! We are all nuts aren't we??

    Thanks for the grins!!
    Hope your weekend is fabulous!
    HUGS to you!

  7. OH, I probably would've have fallen flat on the floor jumping away from the little guy LOL! I don't like finding critters in the house...
    Looking forward to hearing all about your race!

  8. Oh my gosh! I think I would have screamed so loud the neighbors would have heard me! I bet you were surprised! The other day, I brought in some of my decorative watering cans to store for the winter. Anyway, I was washing them in the kitchen sink, and next thing you know a little tree frog, covered in suds, pops out of the water! Apparently he had been hiding in one of the watering cans! So glad that I had rubber gloves on! You should've seen me trying to get a wet, sudsy frog out of the house!!

  9. This is so funny! Only a blogger would run and get a photo op out of this critter.

    I've been told there is a lizard that lives in my neck of the woods (south GA) that actually loses its tail when it gets frightened. Then, grows a new one. I don't know if this is true but sounds believable to me.

    Hope you had fun at the races.

  10. Oh no... you didn't.
    Debbie just ran screaming from the keyboard for a pair of minutes.

    I would have DIED. Lizard-o-phobia is one of my 4,876 phobias. Eeek!


  11. I am totally freaked! how did you not just leave the house!!!!

  12. LOL! Ewwwwwwwwwwww. He would not have lasted long over here, with one lizard loving cat. I always feel sorry for the gecko's that make there way in. He usually gets to em before I can.


  13. YIKES every hair on the back of my head is standing up straight and I do not have short hair LOL

    Love the image in my mind of you dashing to get the camera .... I am SO blogging about THIS!!!