Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Gift in the Form of Twigs

This evening, I decided to grill chicken. Yep. Grill. It was at least 75 degrees today, so I thought it was time to start the barbeque season! Upon opening my barbeque for the first time since summer, I was presented with a gift..

Can you believe it????

It's pretty big, too-about 3 1/2 inches high and the nest opening is about 3 inches wide!

Here's the cool part: I was just wondering yesterday if just maybe Brenna and I would discover a nest this spring when we took our walks.

I didn't think about what would happen when I barbequed!

Miss Party was very interested as well, but she got the big, "SHOO!" from me.

I wondered how the birds got in and out:

It had to have been this opening on the side. Kinda cool to think the bird family had a safe and dry spot for the winter.

I, of course, took it off the barbeque, marveling at the craftmanship. Bits of material, strong twigs, ribbon, feathers all intertwined to make a strong home. The twigs were interesting as they were fairly uniform in length. They were stacked up to give the nest it's height and large base. Do you think the birds broke them off of trees? Or did the master craft-bird find a large pile that some homeowner had when they trimmed their tree?

It's in my house (up from Miss Party's nose). It's on my dining room table for now, and I love it!!

Thanks, birds, for the gift you left..


  1. What a great gift, Lynn! That looks so pretty. I told my mil I would like to have a collection of nests in my house and she about croaked thinking of the bugs and filth. I wonder if you could nuke them in the microwave. I so love nests!

    Turquoise is Brenna's color. She looks so pretty and her cheeks look lovely and rosey.

    Aren't you leaving soon? We go on Monday. Big day is Wednesday. Trying to stay calm...

    Love you!

  2. that is the best gift ever!!!
    Nature is so amazing to witness.
    What a great little hiding place :)

  3. Hi,

    What a beautiful nest. I think the birds break the twigs to the size they want.

    I'm pretty sure that I read in a mag that you can seal nests, etc., in a plastic bag with a few moth balls and the fumes will kill any mites that are living in the material. I'll see if I can find the article.

    We had snow today. Boohoo!

    Hope you're feeling better.

  4. Don't you feel like crying sometimes when you see the miracles of nature. I become so touched. Thank you for sharing. (By the way, I answered your comment on my blog....!!!!)

  5. We found a nest last year and saved it on a nature shelf on the front porch. I love looking at it and considering all the craftsbirdship that went into it ;-)
    Happy Sunday!

  6. Wow! What a great surprise!!! Isn't Mother Nature wonderful?!? To think of the patience and time it took to build this perfect little nest. It's just AWEsome!!! Hugs, TErri xoxo

  7. What a beautiful gift that birdy left you. What a wonderful suprise.. Thanks for sharing it with us..

    Hugs, Linda

  8. That is so cool! Had it been used, any shell remnants? I was hoping to find one myself. All I see are the big squirrel nests!

  9. Oh WOW!! What a VERY special gift indeed!!!! That gives me the warm fuzzies knowing that they had a nice winter home. Of course RomeoI is sitting here switching his tail back and forth pretending to not be so interested. Although he is looking around, just to make sure the birds didn't come over here for a visit ;)

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    "Her" and Romeo

  10. I have this *thing* about birds nests. I love to look at them and study them too. I just love it that they managed to create a grill nest.

  11. How sweet! Aren't they amazing?! I am hoping we find one this year...we always have baby birds in our yard, and now that we are have one less kitty, they will probably be much safer. Enjoy your gift of nature!


  12. that's just the sweetest thing ever!
    wait....75????? no way! it's been snowing all day here - whiteout!
    i'm moving...
    i love your banners - they look great. my youngest son is down visiting his sister in oregon for spring break, i told him to bring me back old books from thrift stores. right..... :)

  13. are you sure birds built that nest? i have heard of others finding nest in there grills perfect really great cover from the winter and predtors

  14. Just to be on the safe side when you bring pine cones or bird nests into the house, you should give them a long, slow bake in the oven. Sixty minutes at 250 degrees should do it. That will kill any thing still living amongst the flora.

  15. I just think bird's nest is one of the most magical things in everyday life. Their little carpentry is truly amazing. You are blessed indeed!


  16. What a wonderful gift!! Brenna must've been so excited, too!! I don't know if I could've moved it. I probably would've ended up buying a new grill!! : )

    I hope you're having a fantastic trip and I look forward to lots of pictures upon your return!!

    ~ Wendy