Monday, March 7, 2011

In The Kitchen

Last night, Brenna and I tried our hand at making home made tortillas.

It wasn't too bad!
We watched a couple of videos on YouTube and figured we could give it a go.
We mixed about 3 cups of flour,

not quite a cup of warm water, 1tsp. salt, 1tsp. baking powder and 2 Tbs. of olive oil.

Knead it for about 3 minutes, cover with a towel and let rest for 15 minutes.

Shape into small balls

roll into small circles.

Put this into a hot, dry, non-stick or cast iron pan.
Cook until you see bubbles form, then flip.

Cook the other side until lightly browned and flip back one more time.

These are amazing when right out of the pan. Doug liked them with just butter. I liked it with everything.
Brenna liked it and part way through decided she didn't like the chicken. After she picked out all the chicken, she didn't like her salsa.
After she scraped out all the salsa, she decided she didn't like the tortillas after all.

Like I said, I liked it all!!

Happy Monday~


  1. Hey you,

    I stopped by to catch up on things. I was going to leave a comment on the gel transfer tips. (Thanks, I can't wait to try for myself.)

    Then I got caught up in the video of GP singin' in the rain. (Fabulous! I watched it twice.)

    Now I see while I was splashin' around, you've been cooking up some goodies with Brenna! Ha! They look good to me. Teenagers can be sooo picky.

    I'm glad I stopped by to see all the goings on.


  2. A for effort!
    Hey Brenna is just like most Chefs, most don't like their own cooking, LOL
    Looks delicious but I would have been just eating the torts as well plain and good.
    I could live off bread alone.
    Have a great on Lynn

  3. So much for your adventure in cooking! Sigh! Teenagers!

    Been thinking of you all a lot. I also am trying to remember where my image transfer book is and what it was called! If I only had the energy, I would get it out and have some "relative successes" along with you!

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday. That was a lovely gift, huh?

    Sending you love, good thoughts and prayers!

  4. That sounds so much like my oldest! He always starts out with one mindset about food and ends up at another. :-) I absolutely love homemade tortillas but have never actually tried to make them myself. You and Brenna may just be giving me the courage to try it!

  5. Sounds like my kids!!! At least you had a fun time making the tortillas, and I'll just bet they were scrumptious. Just think of all the memories you've made too! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  6. Ok, I am coming over for dinner! Those look amazing! I've had freshly made tortillas before in Texas, and they are SO amazing! They serve them in a basket with butter, instead of rolls, at restaurants! Yum. How many more days til Italy? Bet you are so excited!!!!

  7. YUM! I have always wanted to try them, but never have! They look divine!! Maybe I'll give it a whirl!!
    Thanks for the tutorial!
    Hope your week is wonderful gal!

  8. Oh, you and Brenna are getting good in the kitchen.

    You will, for sure, be able to follow the detailed recipe for Caramel Milk that I just emailed to you.....

  9. mexican food. stop it.

    can you bring me salsa when you come to visit?

    i'd really appreciate it.


  10. WOW!! do those look yummy to me.. I might have to give that a try.. I love everything on mine.. Including a lot of chesse.. Hope you enjoying your week so far..

    Hugs, Linda

  11. Brenna will someday be a great cook with all this cooking she is doing! Great job, girlie!