Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I love sunny days.
I took Miss Party out for a walk and we revelled in the sunshine.
I did not revel, however over all the dog snot on my dashboard. 

Miss Party likes to snarf and sniff at the vent when we drive and it leaves quite the mess.

Starbucks is celebrating their 40th anniversary today! 
They have new cups and sleeves and I think they are giving away freebies this afternoon.
Brenna and I are going to go double check after school.

Aside from the serious decaf addiction I have, I am also addicted to my friend's oranges. Gregory's ranch has killer oranges. I love the Gregory family.

Did you know I am older than Starbucks? I am officially forty-nine this month. Also known as "forty-fine." Along with this wonderful age, I am studying a book called Menopause and the Mind. Need I say more?

Did I mention I love sunny days?

I haven't heard from my Italian child for a while. She did comment on the blog post about tortillas and asked me to bring salsa with me when I come and visit. Can you imagine salsa exploded all over a suitcase? Me, either.
I can imagine me bringing the new Jodi Picoult book, Sing Me Home on the plane. Easier than salsa.

Which brings me to the thought of flying...
Now is when I wish I had a Kindle or a Nook. I'm sure I'll pack at least 3 books. Or buy one in the airport. I love buying books in the airport. It's a big treat. Yes, I am easily pleased.
It's cold in Italy. Lauren wears tights under her jeans. I don't know if I can do that. It makes me feel a little claustrophobic. Like I couldn't have any room to eat pasta. Better to be cold and eat pasta, I always say.

I think I'm starting a collection of dictionaries. (remember. the post title is random-ness) 

It began innocently enough when I found the dictionary from the 30's at the thrift store in the mountains. I got another one from my Gregory friends. This one is a whopper!!! And it's not going to get maimed in any way. Then I went to the thrift store by my house and managed to hit the 10 books for $1 day. Oh, yeah. I found 3 dictionaries. I have begun to tear one of them up. It will be o.k., really. Once I show you what I've made. Really. I'll post about that one soon.

 I couldn't think of anything to post about for a couple of weeks and now I have tons of ideas, which is good. I think that is the Menopausal Mind thing going on. Plus, the sun is out and the weather has warmed up 20 degrees.
I love sunny days........



  1. Lynn,
    You are the funniest. I love you snot-blowing dog. You just crack me up!

    Menopause...oh, yes. I got to do it three times. Young hysterectomy, then they took away my estrogen...twice! Estrogen was the gift of the Gods!

    I have a vintage dictionary collection, too. So many that I gave one away in an international swap. The postage was $100 and Jud took it in :-( From now on, it is dictionary pages!!!

    There is a fun swap on Kandeland! Go check. An easy one! I am going to do it.

    Love your randomness. Love you, sweetie!

    Do take your Lauren some salsa...and maybe some grape jelly!


  2. I just love your post today, completely random and exactly how my mind works with in a few seconds as well...on to the next thing.
    Anyway, Yes the starbucks thing was quite shocking today! I have never seen such madness and our starbucks is always crazy but today fights were breaking out and the lines were out the door. UGH hope this silliness goes away tomorrow.
    Oh I agree no way I could wear tights under jeans. I think it is part hormones as well, Layers are so not good anymore for me :)
    What is it about airports and buying books and magazines, it is special. Well have fun in italy drink the wine to keep you warm LOL
    PS sorry my comment turned into a post lol

  3. Random comments follow:
    Tights under jeans - No Way!!! Salsa in a suitcase - also No Way!!!
    Menopause - Sucks!!!
    Sunny Days - Awesome!!! Bring 'em on!
    Kindle - no/ real books - YES!!!
    Drugs before I go anywhere on a plane - YES!!!
    Beautiful, yummy, gorgeous oranges - Addicted!!!
    Coffee - weth caffine in the a.m. - Addicted!!!!
    Your posts -- Also Addicted!!!!
    Terri xoxox

  4. Now get this - when I was still living in Germany I actually wore tights under my jeans. I rode my bike every day, even in winter (and winters are coooold in Germany). So - tights under my jeans, big fat gloves on my hands, a long scarf wound around my neck three times and a hat...
    I don't think I can do that anymore. It's long underwear and flannel lined jeans when I go to the mountains in the winter... (I hate to be cold!)

  5. Did you pose for that new Starbuck's logo???

    Perhaps the hot flashes will keep you warm in Italy.

    They are good for something, ya know.

    Take it from one who lives in the frozen north.

    Take your salsa recipe...make it when you get there.

    I love oranges, too.

    I love random.

    And dictionaries.

  6. What a fun post. I wish I was going to Italy.. I bet you have the best time ever.. When I go on trips I alway buy crafting magazine. I also love to read the artful blogging.. I am just a year younger than you and I am definitely going through that menopause thing also.. I am really hating it.. It seem like I can't get a good night sleep with out waking up all sweaty.. Did I mention how much I hate it..

    You know I am going to be on the look out for old dictionary now..

    Well my friend I do hope you have the best time ever..

    Hugs, Linda

  7. Dog snot?

    You start us out with dog snot, Lynn? In teaching, I think that's what is called the discrepant event.

    I had not heard it called forty-fine before. I like that! I've just been calling myself a 49er.

    Can't wait to hear your "avventura" when you get to Italy. If you do NOT stomp grapes a la Lucy, I'll be so disappointed...

  8. Funny, this "menopausal mind" conversation is in the air...I just spoke with a friend of mine for the first time in twenty some odd years last night, and when the topic came up this is her reply "If we talk about any menopause issues we will have to do it after 5 PM, because I can't talk about any of that without a glass of wine in my hand!"
    In the meantime, the oranges look beyond delightful, the snotty dashboard a shame...but look at all the joy surrounding the slimeage...and thank god for decaf!...and most definitely can relate to the claustrophobic with anything other than skin under my jeans...yikes! And a good book can last for many hours and take you all the way to Italy...have a safe and lovely trip...xx, june

  9. Can I go to Italy with you? I love to fly. I'll buy you a book. We can stop and see my relatives. They always have wine. I'm so jealous. You will have so much fun. And eat so much food! With real gelato. Not the impostor stuff we have here. Oh it's so good. Have some for me okay?

  10. how to transport salsa...put the jar in a heavy duty zip-lok bag. wrap the plasic around the jar and then tuck all of that into another zip-lok bag. Pack it in between lots of undies and soft things. Do not rub dog snot on the first plastic bag to remind her of home.Lauren will be happy...does she have a favorite brand?
    ELEVEN DAYS!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO. Oh yes...you think you're going to have time to read 3 books?? Not with me you aren't. Maybe on the plane but certainly not on the ground. We are moving through Florence and Venice, sweet pea. Forget reading :-)One book is plenty. I wish I had a Kindle as well. Sigh...lots cheaper than a macro lens. What was I thinking? LOL

  11. Hi Friend,

    Random indeed! I'm wondering if ADD is a condition of menopaus! With our luck, the answer is probably, YES! So here is my random response:

    Sunny days: I LONG for them.

    Dog snot in the car: bad. Dog snot on the living room window so you can barely see out: My house.

    Starbucks: Not a big fan even though I lived in Seattle for more than 6 years. I prefer Seattle's Best. But coffee in general: YES!

    Oranges: Lovely and delicious.

    Salsa on a plane: Bad idea. I once snuck salsa and chips into a movie...I dripped so much down the front of my shirt that I looked like I'd been shot in the chest. LOL.

    Books on a plane: Absolutely!

    Italy with your girl: Priceless. I only wish I was going with you.

    Tights under jeans: Been there. Not really as bad as you might think. Take silk longjohns instead; they're much better. Cabela's has them in their catalog. They ship fast so you'd probably get them in time. Or you might still find them at a local outfitters shop.


  12. Love your blog! I too love nests (anything bird related) and have several tucked in nooks around the house.
    Stop by and see my blog sometime...