Friday, March 18, 2011

One For The Road

I have to show you the best birthday present:

My friend, Robin, who knows me so well, found it at a garage sale!!!

It brought back memories from typing class in high school.

I did not type  on these typewriters, but not a whole lot had changed as I looked through the book!

Drills, standing up your typing book and flipping over the pages.

Trying to decipher all the things to be done on the document.

I still don't have the numbers down. I must have done o.k. with them in high school, otherwise I don't think I would have passed the class. No, I didn't cheat in typing. That was just sewing class.

Remember typing,
"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aide of their country"?

I wasn't so spectacular at letter heads, either. But I was pretty fast!

Did anyone give you this advice:

I don't think my fingers listened very well in high school. I'm just happy for the delete/backspace buttons on my computer.

I'm pretty much packed and ready to go. If I have access to a computer in Italy, I'll send some pictures to the blog. Otherwise, I'll see you at the end of the month.


  1. what a great gift.
    yep, I could never really get my fingers to use a typewriter in school.
    Those speed drills killed me.
    I am much better now than back then.
    Rudy makes fun of how fast I can type on the computer. He still does the chicken peck technique.
    Oh have so much fun in Italy and Happy Birthday to a fellow March Baby!

  2. Don't forget to eat some gelato for me. Giandui (hazelnut)and fragola (strawberry) are some really good ones to try. If you want regular coffee like home, it's caffe Americano. Otherwise you get espresso. Which helped me stay awake to do all the sight seeing :)

    Ciao Bella, viaggio sicuro.

  3. Gorgeous book! We never had typewriting in school which I think is sad.
    So, you're off to Italy? Lucky you. Enjoy the trip and bring back many wonderful memories.

  4. I had typing in 9th grade.

    About the only thing I really remember is that we HAD to throw away our paper FLAT. If the teacher saw balled up paper in the trash, she drug it out, saw who's name was typed on the top and oh, woe to them............

    Have a wonderful trip!!!!!!

    Check out the Italian sheep.

  5. Yep, That does bring back memories.. I hope you have a wonderful time... I can't wait to see the photo's...

    Hugs, Linda

  6. What a great gift. Hope you have an amazing trip to Italy!

  7. have a wonderful time with your daughter in italy lynn!

  8. Bring some gelato home for me...lol,

  9. Love your typing book Lynn, & we're always looking for great old books to set around the house!!
    Have a magnificent time in Italy!!!
    Oh, to go back to Florence, once you've gone, you'll never want to come home.
    I'm off to Texas in 2 days, excited about that too. Aren't we just the lucky girls about town?? ;)
    Have a fabulous time, love to Carol & don't fall in the water in Venice!

  10. Oh Ciao!!! Have double the fun for me, ok??? And yes, I took all the business courses, typing, stenography, court reporting, adding machined and such!! What a hoot to think back! I think I type faster now than the 63 wpm I did then!! LOL!

    Praying for all the details and your safe arrival!!
    Love ya,

  11. LOL...ah the memories! Yep, quiet control and the sound of all those keys at once. Actually I've always enjoyed typing and got fairly decent at it, 10 key too! I must have good fingers...wow, that sounds kinky. LOL. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, always loved that class, but the teacher was sure mean! :)