Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Art Class

Brenna sat down with me and watched one of the on-line art classes and said, "Ooooh! I want to try that!"
You should have seen how fast I took everything out and set it up in the kitchen. Art with my Brenna??? Oh, yeah, baby.
Out came the paints and brushes and canvas....
And we set to work.

First the base, then Brenna really got the hang of using the heat tool to dry each layer. She remembered it every time, unlike her mother.

We chose three colors to start with and Brenna picked out a stamp.

Then she proclaimed she was finished.

All done.
sigh...it's a start, right??!
I kept going, though, trying different layers and colors.

Then people wanted dinner. 

Seriously? On this table?
Like tonight?

I am happy to report my family was fed. Who knows what I fed them, but I don't recall any loud complaints, so I guess it must have sufficed.
Which is good, because then I went back to work...

And..... I kinda liked it.

I'm telling you what, Christy has this layering thing down to a slap-happy, messy fun science.
I added some raffle tickets that I cut into strips for the wings and the tail and some pretty paper for the neck line. The bird's body is from an old dictionary.

I used all paint for this background, no paper. I tried applying paint with bubble wrap, coffee sleeves, my brayer, a silk flower, ummm...I think that's about it. Oh, and stamps.
Then I had a "happy surprise". I wanted a little circle for his face, and got out my hole punch to see if the right color was in there for what I was thinking of. I spilled ALL the hole-punches and decided I really liked them on the canvas, so out came the glue!

Other strips of paper were added to make a branch.

Now it's sitting happily by my fireplace.

How messy is your kitchen today?


  1. Fabulous my friend. Simply fabulous! What a blessing that Brenna of yours is!


  2. Oh how i love childrens art
    Yours turned out awesome lynn!!
    I love the image and the way you layered it all.
    I think you are a natural
    Did you opt for tv dinners??
    Or PBandJ sandwiches. LOL


  3. Love it, Lynn. You know, I haven't gotten as far as to go look at her class. I am trying to finish my postcards for the postcard swap..which is really fun and I always start early and then finish at the last minute!!! How are the videos? Is this her second time around? I am pretty sure I saw people saying really positive things. Right now, I have three swap things I have to finish. Help! Why do I do this? Because it's fun, right!!! I still am holding on to the "L" for the necklace that you will get someday :-)
    Brenna ia a stich. Like her mom!
    Big hugs, friend,

  4. How dare those people want to be fed supper! Brenna's is beautiful and she will add more to it another day. Art sometimes takes time to create.

  5. The nerve of family with wanting to be fed!!! LOL!!! My kitchen table has looked like your more times than I can think of. I'd pull things out, start to get into a relatively good 'artistic groove', and then someone would ask, "Hey! What's for (insert meal and/or snack here_______)!!!! I think your piece is just Awesome with a capital "A", Lynn! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  6. keep going!
    make more!!!
    let them eat CAKE!
    seriously, this is fabulous. i want one.

  7. WEll, I think you've got the layering thing down in spades as well and I'm smiling from ear to ear. This is a GREAT piece!! I'm sure it will fetch a nice price at some art show this summer in a beach town :-))))) Or on ETSY. Go for it!

  8. I LOVE IT. Your bird look fabulous.. I love how you think out of I the box.. I pretty much just followed her video.. Maybe my next one I will try something a little different.. All I know is I am having a blast watching her...

    Hugs, Linda

  9. I love it!!!!! It turned out wonderfully! And yep, mine yesterday spilled out of the Studio and into the kitchen as well. LOL. Love the way yours turned out and the happy accident with the punches. And cool beans on Brenna's!!! :)


  10. Oh my gosh, I love this Lynn! My kids and I like to get all messy creating together too. All of the layers are wonderful and the colors are perfection! I need to go check out her class. Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo