Monday, May 9, 2011

A New Etsy

No, it's not my new Etsy.

But my friend,Pam Q., SHE has a new Etsy store.
It's called Harvest Queen Vintage.
I kinda all ready bought something from it.
Really, I couldn't help myself.

I'm so happy I gave absolutely no thought to whether or not I should make this purchase.

Peter and Peggy were meant to be in my home.
I just know it!

This style of drawing is my all time favorite.

The colors, the details,

I love everything about it.

Pam Q. thinks I could rip it apart and use it in my art, because some of the pages are missing.
That's going to be tough.
Maybe after I read through the entire book.
Maybe after I frame some of the pages.


Don't forget! Keep track of our guys as they prepare for the race.
40 days to race time!!!


  1. Very cool book! I had my lil first grader read Dick & Jane when she was just learning & she thought she was so smart :) THis book is adorable!

  2. What a neat book! I was going to say the same thing as Libbie did about Dick and Jane. :-) I have such a thing for old books and their illustrations and I will have to check out that new Etsy shop. Thanks for letting us know about it Lynn!

  3. Fabulous book! I don't think I could rip it apart either -- not even for the sake of my art. BUT . . . . I would take it and have some copies made! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. Classic.
    Nothing like a good old book!

  5. this book is just adorable
    you got a great prize from her shop.
    Thanks for letting us all in on this lovely little shop of goodies
    I will be adding her to my favs

  6. That is SO funny Lynn! We had the same exact book growing up! I'll have to ask my mom if she still has it, I sure hope so! I love those wonderful graphics. You could always have some copies made of the pages that you love, rather than tearing them out of the book:)

  7. I love books like that, too, Lynn! You can always scan the pages and use those in your projects!

  8. Oh, that is an adorable book, Rebecca! Framed pages would look absolutely delightful, wouldn't they? Even when books are falling apart, I find it hard to cause them further grief, but would love to try this myself...LOL.

    Will check out your friend's etsy shop...:)

  9. That is an awesome book...dismantle with care. :)
    --Catherine from HomeHinges.com

  10. What a wonderful book!! I don't think I could tear it apart either. Although, I bet you could create something fantastic with the wonderful illustrations . . . Maybe . . . : )

    ~ Wendy

  11. Vintage readers? That would be up my alley. I need to visit and see if she has any that I remember.

  12. Now that would be fun to make some art from.. I just love those vintage books.. Very cool my friend..

    Hugs, Linda

  13. Very cool book! Since pages are missing I would probably frame a couple like you said. Wishing your friend luck! Happy day, june

  14. Wonderful old book! I just love collecting them. Looks like you do too. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. I'm just a tad late with my visiting.

  15. great score lynn! the illustrations are too wonderful...maybe you could color copy some...and craft without guilt...
    your bike team post was so...inspiring, heartwarming, wonderful. what a fabulous group of fellows. every school could use a group like that, you know? folks not afraid to create a solution to a need for our kids.
    are you not going to be on one of those bikes???

  16. Oooo! Wheeee! Mz. Lynn!

    Here I am, out there for the world to see, right on your blog!

    I'm so glad you like your "new" book---as I mentioned, I thought of you the second I saw it!

    And I am so glad it is now yours.

    The only thing missing in there?


    Thanks so much for the shout out!!!