Friday, May 27, 2011


Note: Just remember the title of this post when you read this.

I'm proud to say for the first time ever, my sweet Brenna did not gag on stage!!! There were only tears one time, which she snapped out of with some fun with a friend. She sang like a trooper and remembered every single one of her dance steps. Did I remember to bring my camera? no.

I logged in 14 hours sitting to watch and or wait this week. 

My eldest left home again for three days, but left all her stuff at home. I'm looking at it as a positive thing, you know, making memories of messes and such. It's such an odd time for her. Do you remember being 20? Your world revolves around your friends and all that awaits for you to discover. Not so much revolving being done around little sister and parents, but I will take each moment I can get!
this is her dorm room the first year she moved in, but you get the idea.

The TEAM is getting ready to do their practice 24 hour ride. They will drive down to Oceanside Saturday morning and then bike to Arizona. This ensures the whole crew and team will get a feel of what it will be like to do this for 3,000 miles. My eldest child has volunteered to take my position on the crew for the weekend. Yes, I am cherishing this moment as well.

Have you ever driven a motor home? It's not very easy. The first time I did, it was on the Race Across America three years ago. It was 2 a.m. and I got lost. It was pretty dark.
This is what happened last time on the race, and no. I was not driving.

Let's just say the trip is very long and gas stations always win. 

I think it's a good thing that my child took my shift on the crew this weekend. I found out my time to be in the follow vehicle was from 10 p.m. until 4 or 5 a.m. Being in a follow vehicle basically means you stay behind the bike rider for that many hours. The usual pace is between 16-20 miles an hour. Since I am in my pajamas these days by 8:30, I think my child will do a much better job of this than I would because there is a good chance the motor home might look like the one above.

I am dying to get more art time in and this weekend I am determined to ignore the mess my house is in and play. I think it's a good weekend to order pizza. Do you think they deliver breakfast and snacks as well? My house is a pit right now, so I don't think it will matter much if I add this mess to it:

I have a good reason to get an I Phone. Do you have one? I don't and I really think I need one. I figured out that I could post more often, because I could take random pictures of things and then post them on the blog and share them with everyone.

Which makes me think....have you ever ordered groceries on line and had them delivered? I might look into that as well. Too bad dry cleaning can't be delivered.

Did you like who won American Idol this year? I thought for certain it would have been between Lauren and James, but what do I know? Except that I am usually on target in this area.....did it throw you into PTSD when Steven Tyler sang Dream On? I was back into junior high so fast I didn't know what hit me.

Why is it when you have your pool heater fixed, the time you notice that it's broken again is when you start to get into the jacuzzi and the water is freezing?

Do you ever have thoughts of what turning 50 means? I'm ten months away and I can't believe I'm thinking of this. 

Do you think it's o.k. for your child to watch the movie, Tangled 85 times since Easter? Wait. Let me rephrase that.
Did you know Brenna has such a knack for music that she has memorized every word to every song in the movie, Tangled?
Maybe I'll just mosey into the other room and turn the volume down.....

Have a fabulous holiday weekend!

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  1. oh Lynn, you make me giggle.
    There is so much to address in this post that I have to come back later. LOL
    I am waiting for Brooklyn to finish dinner and then meet a friend. So I will be back later to chat.

  2. Life sounds busy there LOL! And my house is a pit, too...misery loves company...

  3. These are my favorite kind of post.. I just love to hear you ramble on and on.. It so reminds me of me. Just ask my husband. I don't think you should clean at all.. Just relax and enjoy the weekend.. I wish I was still in Oceanside I would have loved to see them on there practice run..
    Anyhoo.. Heres to a great weekend my friend..

    BTW - I don't have an iphone either.. My cell doesn't even have a camera.. How sad is that..

    Hugs, Linda

  4. Katie is watching Tangles. Should I worry? She loves children's movies. I love these posts, too, Lynn, because I am so random!!! This is such a fun post. It sounds just like you!

    We are in SF. I laughed so hard last night my face hurt. A couple of friends and I were picking out young man we thought were really cute.I told them we were "Coyotes." My daughter corrected me and told me we were Cougars. Haha!

    Katie wore a great costume to to groom's dinner. She looked very cute but, truly, she does not wear clothes, she wears costumes!

    So nice to have so much fun.

    I am not forgetting to pray!

    Love you!

  5. okay, I am back,
    YAY Brenna, a star is born!!!

    Oh the 20's, yes my room looked like that for years. I came home to crash late at night and was gone by 10 each morning. The days seemed to last forever back then...ummmm
    Good luck to the crew and their mission.
    It is so courageous to take on and for such a great cause!
    I believe iphones are overated, have one and anh
    the camera is great but unless you are a big music lover and constant business person it has a lot that is not needed and talk about dropping calls....ugh
    I hope you find your creative time and hey order the pizza get an xlarge and there is breakfast for tomorrow! lol
    Now i don't watch idol so can't say much there but yes, songs do take us back don't they
    My day is filled with watching the same shows over and over all musical and so I catch MYSELF singing randomly silly songs in my day
    I am still grasping turning 30 years ago, don't get me going on 4o let alone 50, tee hee
    Love this post, it is just how my mind works
    Take care Lynn and have a great weekend!

  6. A BIG "Yay!" for Brenna on stage!!! (Said while throwing confetti in the air!) And, just for the record, I LOVE how your mind works . . . . and, this post! Hmmmm . . . . on 2nd thought, my mind works pretty much the same way. My family mostly doesn't get it, but after 35+ years, thank God my loving husband does.

    Not for anything . . . why NOT order pizza for breakfast?!? And I thought it would be Scotty and James left standing on the last night of Idol. I thought Lauren would rank in the top 5. And YES, Steven Tyler was amazing. And I wouldn't mind raiding his closet for a few accessories, blouses, etc. And turning 50 wasn't too bad . . . turning 30 was awful - I cried for weeks. This year, I turned the big "60" and it was like turning 30x2 -- totally devastating. But in my 'heart', I'm still 25 and my kids tell me that I'll be the one with the purple feather boa and rhinestone tiara in the dining room at the nursing home some day!!!! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend, and enjoy that pizza!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

  7. Congrats to Brenna! And to her supportive, encouraging parents of course! :-) Lynn, your "randomness" is just what I needed today. My brain feels all over the place so none of this actually sounded random to me at all. And yes, I am a bit younger, but I did have flashbacks when Steven Tyler sang...I think there was a group of kids pushing for "Dream On" to be the Prom theme one year. LOL!
    Thanks for popping over and sharing with us at Inspiration Friday this week!